Sustainable Almas Ara Caviar from Spain

One of the greatest pleasures of the world, Beluga caviar, is also traditionally one of the most environmentally irresponsible to harvest. Now from Spain, a small group of visionary caviar experts have offered comparable quality caviar from sustainably grown sturgeon.

Decades ago the makers of Almas Ara caviar reintroduced the sturgeon to the cool, clean waters of Granada. Sustainably and organically raised, the caviar is not harvested until these great fish are 18 to 20 years old, and preserved in the Iranian tradition. The resulting caviar is the finest quality you will find outside of Iran.

The caviar offers a delicate texture in your mouth with very long flavors of walnut and cream. It is matured in tins for between 3 and 6 months. It is low in salt, consisting of smooth, whole, un-crushed eggs with a crisp bite. They have a silky texture without being oily. The interior is liquid and sweet, with no pasty or oily accents. And the sweetness has a long persistence, a sign of highest quality.

The incredible part of this caviar story is that the production of this caviar caused the reintroduction of the sturgeon to Granada. Over twenty years ago the owners of Almas Ara brought sturgeon from the river Po in Italy to repopulate the clean rivers of Granada. This Adriatic sturgeon, or 'Acipenser Naccarii' is the only indigenous Mediterranean sturgeon. And of the 28 or so species of sturgeon, it is one of the largest and slowest to mature.

These fish are allowed to live a normal pristine life in the crystal spring waters in the mountains of Granada. Unlike many wild sturgeon, which must fight pollution and overfishing, these fish live in high quality environments, where they enjoy healthy high protein organic diets and normal activity.

After 18 to 20 years these fish are finally ready to produce the prized eggs that will become world-class caviar. These are harvested and immediately salted. Only the top quality caviar is labeled under the Almas Ara brand - any low quality eggs are removed and sold elsewhere.

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