Fresh Roses for Valentine's Day!

Just in time for Valentine's Day – a stunning selection of fresh cut flowers from our most trusted floral partners. In every vibrant color, these flowers are incredibly fresh and were harvested merely days before arriving in our store.

Many of us take pride in knowing the origins of our produce, the names of our ranchers, and the history of the food on our plate. Why should our flowers by any different? With the on-going revelations of the factory flower industry, its treatment of its workers and the chemicals used in production, it is comforting to know there is an alternative. Our flowers are all California grown, with respect for the environment and the workers who bring these beautiful blooms to our homes.

Our stunning heritage roses come from Eufloria, a seven generation family-run company specializing in unique rose varietals raised in a responsible and sustainable manner. Consistently awarded and recognized as some of the most beautiful roses throughout the industry, the company was established in 1984 by Andy Koch and yields roses of rare quality and performance!

Koch's methods have set the standard for the industry. With an innovative, technologically advanced system, growers monitor such things as water schemes, nutrient dosage, CO2 levels, and greenhouse climate. These roses are grown hydroponically in specially treated coconut fiber, a natural byproduct of coconut production, treated with Integrated Pest Management (IPM, a practice where predator insects are released to control pests and reduce the use of harsh chemicals,) and given extraordinary care from before they're planted all the way to your hands. Their production techniques are honed after years of observation, practice, and tailoring their style to each specific varietal, in a specially designed low-energy facility.

Eufloria's connection to its workers also fosters a strong partnership that results in stunning flowers. Each employee is selected a specific rose breed to care for and "make it their own." This pride of ownership has translated to an average seven year tenure for employees, with some working there as long as twenty years.

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