New Local Coffee from Blue Coffee Roasters

Blue Copper Roasters is an artisanal small batch coffee roasters headquartered here in Salt Lake City. Crafting very fresh light roast coffee from globally sourced and responsibly harvested beans, Blue Copper embraces seasonality like few other coffee roasters. Like a fine wine represents a wholly unique snapshot of time, soil, weather, and talent, the beans from Blue Copper are from single harvests, never to be duplicated. Each roast is highly seasonal and exceptional.

Liberty Heights Fresh offers both their whole beans and their unique Gold Brew coffee concentrate with limitless coffee potential. Enjoy the coffee concentrate diluted with cold or hot water, poured over vanilla ice-cream for an amazing affogato, use for camping or travel to avoid the dreaded motel room pot, add a tablespoon to chocolaty baked goods for rich, nuanced flavor, or simply keep on hand for your coffee drinking visitors.

Last modified on Thursday, 12 June 2014 20:18

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