Our Favorite Farms - Christiansen's Family Farm, Vernon, UT

Christiansen's Family Farm embodies all that is right about the movement for local, sustainably and humanely raised products. Producers of high-quality pork, the farm is nestled in the shadow of the Sheeprock Mountains in Vernon, UT. It is a true family outfit – dad Christian, mom Hollie, plus their 3 helpful kids, Hans (age 6,) Dane (age 4) & Shia (aged 2.)

The Christiansens believe three equally important factors create a great product – genetics, diet and environment. All three must be paramount to produce their gourmet pork. The farm raises purebred Berkshire (also known as Kurobuta) pigs, which are uniquely suited to Utah's high desert climate. The animals are allowed 300 times the industry average of pasture space to roam, and fed a custom blend of locally grown wheat, barley, oats, and alfalfa. Scraps, donuts, or bread are never part of the pigs' diet. The pasture-raised animals are always handled with care and respect.

This supreme treatment creates a pork of equally supreme quality – the most tender, juicy, and flavor-packed you will ever eat. From these wonderful animals, Liberty Heights Fresh butchers its pork chops, pork roasts, ribs, house-cured ham, smoked pork belly, and house-made sausages.  More Info.

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