Route 11 Kettle Cooked Chips are Unhurried Potatoes

Route 11 Chips began over 20 years ago to create a full-flavored alternative to mass-produced chips.   Made in small batches, the Route 11 chips are named "unhurried potatoes" due to their commitment to high quality ingredients slowly cooked, resulting in a great chip with a nice crunch (but not too hard) with a deep golden color. The Route 11 company believes strongly in sustainability - chips are made in a small "green" plant in Virginia with almost no waste, composting and recycling products, heat and energy are key, and their plant was designed with strong principles of energy efficiency.   

Lightly Salted:  Their best seller. We all need our salt fix, but most of the salt we get in our diets has been stripped of all its essential minerals, leaving us with a high dose of sodium chloride and none of the good stuff. Route 11 is one of the few potato chip companies in the world that uses a single source, unrefined sea salt, mined right here in Redmond, Utah, extracted from an ancient seabed. Not only does it have all the minerals essential to our being human, but it also has an incredible flavor. All natural, gluten-free.

Sweet Potato:  When Route 11 cooked its first batch of sweet potato chips back in the early '90s, they were so incredibly delicious and beautiful, it was unbelievable to them that nobody had been making sweet potato chips. They are one of the healthiest vegetable on the planet and indigenous to the US. It didn't take long to figure out why such an incredible vegetable was being under utilized and mostly relegated to Thanksgiving - they're not easy to chip and need lots of attention, which is an undesirable attribute when doing large scale production.  Their Sweet Potato chips are incredible, delicious, award winning and healthy! A 1oz serving has 120% RDA for Vitamin A.  Many of their sweet potatoes are sourced from the organically certified farm, Quail Cove, located on the eastern shore of Virginia. All natural, gluten-free.

Sour Cream N Chive:  A comfort chip. They're the next best thing to curling up with the perfectly baked potato, topped with sour cream and chives. All natural, contains wheat and dairy.

Mama Zuma's Revenge:  A chip hot enough to satisfy most chileheads, yet still be accepted by the public in general. Mama Zuma's Revenge is a fiery blend of a habanero mash and our classic barbeque. True to the nature of the habanero, with your first crunch there's a delay that allows you to taste the delicious flavors. But within seconds, the incendiary habanero backdraft will light you up!! All natural, Gluten-Free

Salt N Vinegar: Salt N Vinegar takes puckering to new heights. Inspired by the robust, assertive flavors of real English fish and chips, these Yank chips have that perfect combination of cocky and cockney going on. Only the seasoned Salt N Vinegar lover need open one of these bags.

Dill Pickle:  A little vinegary, a little zippy and a lot of dill make this chip uniquely awesome. This chip is an award winner! Gluten Free, Contains milk.

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