Agrumato Fresh Citrus Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Agrumato fresh citrus oils are bright and lively with lush citrus notes.  These olive oils are completely different than traditional "flavored" oils. Rather than simply including a small amount of flavor additives, the oil is crafted by grinding olives with whole organically grown citrus fruit. The result is nuanced, with layers of complex citrus and olive flavors.  

Agrumato Lemon - a golden oil with a clean and crisp finish, and a nice balance of lemon zest and olives.  Use in any fresh citrus vinaigrette, toss with warm or chilled pastas, or drizzle on grilled vegetables or chicken.

Agrumato Tangerine - amazing perfume of fresh tangerines with a slightly bitter finish.  Use in salads with endive or fennel, with fresh cheeses, or add a few drops to fish or shellfish.

Agrumato Orange - Sightly sweeter than the Tangerine, with lively peppery and orange zest flavors.  Sub out for some of the butter in your orange quick breads, use to make sweet and tangy salad dressings, or add a few drops to garnish your duck and game dishes

The olives are harvested by hand by the Ricci family in Abruzzo, Italy, where the olives and fresh citrus aer whole pressed with a traditional stone mill, following their grandfather's recipe. 


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