Fresh Pressed Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frescobaldi Laudemio's First Pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an intensely flavored fresh pressed olive oil with pronounced notes of vibrant fruit and artichokes, with a long and lingering finish of fresh green and toasted almonds.   Produced in very limited quantities, these exceptional quality oils are perfect for drizzling one drop at a time onto fresh greens salad, rich soups, roasted root vegetables, or grilled game and steaks.  These impressive bottles are olive oil in its most intense state, immediately bottled after pressing and meant to be enjoyed within a few months. 

The Frescobaldi Laudemio label is a cooperative of the most iconic Tuscan olive oil producers. They strive to produce no less than the finest olive oil of Florence.  Known as Olivo Nuovo (in the North of Italy) or Novello (in the South) these young oils are a vibrant green, with an unctuous texture, and the peppery aromas of fresh cut grass, green apple, and fresh citrus zest.



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