Sublime New Sheep's Milk Cheeses Handmade in Manti, UT

Just In - The Oolite Cheese Company in Manti, Utah is owned and operated by husband and wife team Joel and Rachel; they are living their vision to make fine artisan cheeses uniquely suited to the climate and topography of Manti. The pair craft exclusively handmade ewe's milk cheeses.

Oolite stone is quarried from nearby canyons and was used to build the Manti temple as well as many of the original homes still standing in Sanpete County today, including Joel and Rachel's. This porous stone houses its own microorganisms that contribute to the flavor and development of the cheese. This local stone creates their uniquely local flavor.

Boys' Pants Rebellion – rich and assertive sheep's milk cheese that will "knock your socks off!" Deeply flavored with gray veins and a peppery spicy flavor; cheese culture experts believe it is a previously undiscovered strain of mold that lends its intensity.

What's Her Name? Basque style ewe's milk Balsamic vinegar and salt washed rind cheese with a firm yet melt-in-your-mouth texture and a rich buttery flavor with a hint of tartness. Perfect on a cheese patter with salumi, with fruit, or with a simple piece of crusty bread.

Oolite White – creamy and mild with provocative peppery notes. Wonderful texture!

Oolite Red - deeply creamy, smooth textured, with red and blue streaks and a tangy and peppery flavor.

Oolite Yellow - a milder cheese with delicate natural flavors. Smooth and balanced.

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