The finest Organic Cottage Cheese in the World...

Like many of us, you may associate drab cottage cheese with sad diner "diet" plates served with the ubiquitous canned "fruit cocktail" complete with a halved maraschino cherry.  Please strike that image from your mind!

Kalona Supernatural Organic Cottage Cheese is supremely natural in every way, including its texture and appearance. Each container begins with a lovely cream top.  Because the milk they use in the cottage cheese is non-homogenized, the cream naturally rises to the top and separates, creating a true sign of freshness and rich flavor. Stir in the cream, and enjoy a clean texture and farm-fresh flavor that is packed with 12mg of protein per serving (25% DV) and abundant calcium (10%DV.)

Toss with fresh fruit for breakfast, use in lieu of sour cream in recipes or dips, or simply enjoy on it own.

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