The Original Power Bar? Panforte from Napa Cakes

Authentic, delicious and so versatile - Panforte ("strong bread") from Napa Cakes make a rich and filling accompaniment to cheese, a quick breakfast or afternoon snack with coffee, on a trail or on the slopes, or even paired with red wine.  Made with premium dried fruits and nuts from California, Napa Cakes combines almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, Blenheim apricots and tart cherries with a little wheat flour, honey, cocoa, cane sugar, butter, and spices, then bakes them slowly into moist and deeply flavorful cakes.

Napa Cakes are small batch baked using only local and natural ingredients.  The family recipe was honed over years of trail and error, and the company is still run by grandmother Marjorie Caldwell. 

Panforte date back to the Roman times in Tuscany, where legend claims that panforte were used by the crusaders as a durable confection for energy during marches and sieges.


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