New Breads from Eva's Bakery!

Eva's Bakery began with a vision from its owner, Charlie. Growing up in the world of Utah milling, flour and baking, he journeyed through high end restaurants to eventually return to Salt Lake City to open small plates restaurant Eva's. But a part of him always wanted to explore his passion for baking.

Taking the high quality, locally milled organic flour of Central Milling with a dedication to both classic and new styles, Charlie has created Eva's Bakery. From this local organic flour, the bakery crafts a bounty of delicious breads, each from its own unique dough. Eva's uses a natural "levain" sour starter and a poolish leavening agent.

Eva's Bakery Breads:

  • "The One" - a classic French 14 oz. baguette made from unbleached organic flour.
  • Seeded Baguette – their classic baguette dusted with poppy seed, millet, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.
  • Multigrain Loaf - a hearty and tasty blend of organic grains – cracked wheat, steel cut oats, oat flakes, barley flakes, soft white wheat flakes, rye flakes, amaranth, brown flax seed, cornmeal, wheat bran and more.
  • Sprouted Multigrain – soft crust made with organic flour, organic whole wheat flour, and sprouted multi-grains.
  • Mountain Loaf: a lovely 22oz. ring loaf that is crafted from a blend of whole wheat and dark rye flours, with raisins, organic millet, organic sesame seeds, organic poppy seeds, and organic pumpkin seeds.
  • Sourdough: Slightly sweeter than a traditional sourdough, this batch dates from a 30 year starter.
  • Whole Wheat: Nutty and buttery, ideal for sandwiches. All the bran and wheat germ are maintained in the milling process, yet the texture is wonderfully soft. Organic whole wheat flour & water
  • Dutch Crunch: a perfectly crunchy loaf ideal for sandwiches and sharp cheeses.
  • Rye: a light organic rye and whole wheat flour blend with caraway seeds.

Other Eva's breads and rolls will also be seasonally available. 

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