New Utah Spice Company - Solstice Spices!

Grown right here in the Salt Lake valley and harvested from their own backyard and a select few local Utah farmers, Solstice Spices in a new Utah spice and spice blend purveyor offering high quality small bath dried herbs to add depth of flavor to all your dishes.

Garlic Herb Grinder
Their most popular blend - made from their own house grown garlic, oregano and basil, then added local Utah County onions and Sonoma Kosher salt. The result is delicious and can be used everywhere – perfect for quick garlic bread and on pasta, eggs, meat, tofu, vegetables, and rice.

Chile Garlic Grinder
The same as their Garlic Herb blend, but with added Utah grown chiles to spice it up.

For the Birds
Custom poultry seasoning that is also delicious on pork chops, tofu, potatoes, and mushrooms.

Mountain Man
A combination of native mountain chiles and habanero, mixed with a good amount of garlic and herbs. Salt free, but packed with spice!

Named chipotle, but made from Utah grown Jalapeño peppers. First smoked with cherry wood and dried herbs before drying and crushing into this spicy powder, Chipotle can be enjoyed as a blackening spice, onto eggs, in soups or any dish that needs a burst of heat.

A tasty combo of sweet and hot peppers, harvested fresh then smoked over dried herbs. A complex smoky flavor!

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