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Blue Copper Roasters is an artisanal small batch coffee roasters headquartered here in Salt Lake City. Crafting very fresh light roast coffee from globally sourced and responsibly harvested beans, Blue Copper embraces seasonality like few other coffee roasters. Like a fine wine represents a wholly unique snapshot of time, soil, weather, and talent, the beans from Blue Copper are from single harvests, never to be duplicated. Each roast is highly seasonal and exceptional.

Liberty Heights Fresh offers both their whole beans and their unique Gold Brew coffee concentrate with limitless coffee potential. Enjoy the coffee concentrate diluted with cold or hot water, poured over vanilla ice-cream for an amazing affogato, use for camping or travel to avoid the dreaded motel room pot, add a tablespoon to chocolaty baked goods for rich, nuanced flavor, or simply keep on hand for your coffee drinking visitors.

All our sweet summer favorites are In! All certified organically grown, swing in to pick up delectable Black Mission or Brown Turkey Figs, ripe red and Rainier Cherries, juicy Red Haven Plums, luscious peaches and nectarines, perfectly sweet blackberries and blueberries, and arguably the best strawberries you will ever have from our friends at Coke Farms! The peak season is short - come in today!

Nothing shouts "Summer!" as much as slicing into a perfectly ripe, ludicrously juicy and lusciously sweet summer melon. Incredibly versatile, enjoy fresh sliced melon at breakfast or as an anytime snack, paired with feta and olives in a lunch salad, pureed into a delicious chilled soup or as the perfect balance to rich charcuterie. In stock right now - a fantastic array of melon flavors and colors. Unrelated to your favorite "Happy Days" character, the Fonzy Melon has a crisp creamy white and very juicy flesh, with a deeply fragrant and almost tropical flavor. Or try a Crenshaw Melon - a Casaba-Persian hybrid with a dense peach colored flesh and rich sweet-spicy flavor. Also available - Yellow and Red Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Galia, and more arriving every week, all certified organically grown, of course.

Fresh Melon Salad with Citrus & Mint

Avocado, Watermelon & Cilantro Salsa

Chilled Melon Soup

As the weather warms and our daylight hours extend till past 9, it's the perfect time to grill! Skip the hot kitchen and instead take advantage of our warm nights to fire up the grill and enjoy dining on your patio or a picnic table outside.

Each week, Liberty Heights Fresh receives select cuts of fresh pork, locally and sustainably raised by Utah's own Christiansen Family Farm. Unlike any pork you might have enjoyed, the rich, full flavor from their heritage breeds is unsurpassed! Also on our shelves and perfect for grilling - first-of-the-season fresh, grass-fed local beef ribs, flat-iron steaks, ground chuck and London Broil from Canyon Meadow's Ranch and certified organic chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks, and whole chickens from Mary's Organic Chicken.

All our spring favorites are in - fun and unusual ramps, stinging nettles, crunchy seabeans and fiddlehead ferns, plus intoxicating Morel, Oyster, Hen of the Woods and tiny Shiitake mushrooms, fresh green garlic, crisp spring onions, baby artichokes, tasty asparagus, fresh fava beans and more! All certified organically grown, our fresh vegetables and fruits come directly from our long time partner family farms in California.

To elevate your holiday dining experience or anytime entertaining, add in one or more of our mouthwatering pâté or terrines from world renowned D'artagnan. Simply slice and serve paired with crusty bread, mustards, cornichons and effortless hors d'oeuvres are born.

Pâté de Campagne - Country style, herbaceous pâté made from pasture raised heritage pork, savory parsley and onions; perfect with whole grain mustard, a hunk of bread and cornichons.

Terrine Mousquetaire – A rich combination of duck, all-natural pork, prunes and Armagnac for an authentic Gascon treat – the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Pheasant Terrine Herbette – A hearty pâté crafted from a blend of pheasant, pork, fennel and pastis, an anise-flavored liqueur.

Duck Rillettes – made from plump duck legs, slow cooked until tender then finely shredded for a luscious and dense spread.

D'artagnan meats are raised without antibiotics or hormones and are natural, preservative-free and filler-free. The packaging is BPA free.

Just In - our last of the season local apple cider - a sweet and refreshing blend of local Pippin, Winesap, Jonagold, Yellow Delicious, Ida Red, and Empire apples, UV light pasteurized so that it is safe for all to enjoy.

Enjoy cold right from the fridge or gently warmed and dusted with cinnamon. 

Zollinger's Fruit and Tree Farm in River Heights, UT is a 109 year old family farm that harvests 13 different apple varieties and 80 varieties of trees and shrubs.  Planted in 1904, it was one of the first commercial orchards in Cache Valley.

Stop by Liberty Heights Fresh on Friday afternoon 2 – 6pm to meet and taste chocolates with Art Pollard the irrepressible founder and head chocolate maker of Amano Chocolates, Utah’s most decorated crafter of world-class chocolates. With an uncompromising commitment to creating unique bars with subtle and balanced flavors, Art searches the globe for the world’s finest beans. Try their Ocumare, 70% cacao bar with delicate floral and fruit aromas and nuanced flavors of almonds and plum, or the Guayas, with rich blackberry flavors with notes of smoke and spice.

Flavors of citrus shine through. Lime and grapefruit are balanced by earthy notes.

Rich, with hints of plum and other red fruits.

Assertive fruity flavors that hint citrus and raspberry.

Rich floral and blackberry flavors with smokiness and spice.

A particularly difficult bean that required Amano's chocolate makers to develop new techniques to process it and capture all its nuances. Flavors of orange, cinnamon and clove predominate.

Made from cacao beans harvested in the mountains and carried out by horseback. Rare, complex and completely amazing.

Deep and hauntingly rich with fruit notes of melon and spice.

Is she or he a traditionalist who loves a pure red rose or a free-spirit who appreciates the wild beauty of a motley mix of vibrant stems? Whatever your love prefers, select a bouquet that is (almost) equal to the beauty of the one you love. Just in from our trusted Pacific Coast growers, fresh cut tulips, white and pink ori, iris, bouvardia, freesia, ranunculus, a colorful mix of gorgeous bouquets and of course, roses in every color!

All our flowers come direct from California and the Pacific Coast. We work exclusively with growers who treat not only their flowers with the utmost of care, but also their workers and the precious environment that grows these beauties

Just in time for Valentine's Day – a stunning selection of fresh cut flowers from our most trusted floral partners. In every vibrant color, these flowers are incredibly fresh and were harvested merely days before arriving in our store.

Many of us take pride in knowing the origins of our produce, the names of our ranchers, and the history of the food on our plate. Why should our flowers by any different? With the on-going revelations of the factory flower industry, its treatment of its workers and the chemicals used in production, it is comforting to know there is an alternative. Our flowers are all California grown, with respect for the environment and the workers who bring these beautiful blooms to our homes.

Our stunning heritage roses come from Eufloria, a seven generation family-run company specializing in unique rose varietals raised in a responsible and sustainable manner. Consistently awarded and recognized as some of the most beautiful roses throughout the industry, the company was established in 1984 by Andy Koch and yields roses of rare quality and performance!

Koch's methods have set the standard for the industry. With an innovative, technologically advanced system, growers monitor such things as water schemes, nutrient dosage, CO2 levels, and greenhouse climate. These roses are grown hydroponically in specially treated coconut fiber, a natural byproduct of coconut production, treated with Integrated Pest Management (IPM, a practice where predator insects are released to control pests and reduce the use of harsh chemicals,) and given extraordinary care from before they're planted all the way to your hands. Their production techniques are honed after years of observation, practice, and tailoring their style to each specific varietal, in a specially designed low-energy facility.

Eufloria's connection to its workers also fosters a strong partnership that results in stunning flowers. Each employee is selected a specific rose breed to care for and "make it their own." This pride of ownership has translated to an average seven year tenure for employees, with some working there as long as twenty years.

Bright green, crunchy and appealing, Castelvetranos olives are rare in the US.  With a meaty texture and nice buttery and briny flavor, the olives have not a hint of bitterness.  This flavor is the result of a brine soak, rather than a cure in vinegar.  Sometimes known as the "rich man's black olive," Castelvetranos are grown exclusively in western Sicily among the Belice River Valley, near the town of Castelvetrano.  Enjoy on their own or paired with white wine and Marcona almonds.


Traditional English cheeses are the ideal pair for cold evenings, rich charcuterie, crusty bread and glass of port. At Liberty Heights Fresh we offer a bounty of cheeses to please even the most discriminating English cheese aficionado or the cheese novice.

Stilton is the quintessential English cheese. It is the only British cheese to have a Certification Trade Mark and an EU Protected Name, and can only be produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. With deep blue veins and a crumbly, creamy texture, enjoy this cheese with nuts, crispy bread and a glass of sherry.

Stichelton revived the tradition of raw milk Stilton. According to regulations enacted in 1989, traditional Stilton must be made with pasteurized cow's milk. The cheesemakers, loving the rich flavors created by using raw milk instead, decided to craft their bleu following a century's long tradition and therefore named their cheese for the town where Stilton was first made. Aged for 4 – 6 months, Stichelton is a lush and lingering, complex bleu with notes of spice and toasted walnuts.

Cornish Yarg is a traditional English artisan cow's milk cheese with a creamy and crumbly texture and a delicate mushroomy flavor. The cheese is made by hand and wrapped in stinging nettle leaf. Enjoy with a glass of Cabernet or other bold red wine.

Montgomery Cheddar is a true, old-fashioned English Cheddar with complex tangy flavor with notes of mild sweetness and fresh cut grass. Serve with crisp apples, or whole grain mustard with crusty bread.

Berkswell is produced by the Fletcher family at Ram Hall Farm in the West Midlands; Berkwell is a traditional small batch raw ewe's milk cheese with a chewy yet firm texture and clean flavor. The cheese is formed using traditional kitchen colanders giving it its distinct pebbled appearance and mounded shape. Aged at least six months.

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