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Available for just a short time each spring, wild ramps, a delicate member of the leek and onion family and sometimes also known as "wild leeks," are native to North America.  With a distinct woodsy nose combined with a flavorful onion garlic taste, ramps are not cultivated, but rather foraged wild in the pine forests of North America.  The entire plant (roots, bulb and stalk) is edible. 

Slice thin and add raw to salads, or saute, grill, or slow roast. It's flavors meld especially well with other spring delicacies: try with favas, peas, morels, or spring greens, or using our own recipe for Pasta with Ramps and Fiddleheads.


We now carry sweet, creamy & sublime caramels from Bequet Confections, made right in Bozeman, MT. Award winning, gluten free and all natural, in attractive packaging.

Christiansen's Family Farm embodies all that is right about the movement for local, sustainably and humanely raised products. Producers of high-quality pork, the farm is nestled in the shadow of the Sheeprock Mountains in Vernon, UT. It is a true family outfit – dad Christian, mom Hollie, plus their 3 helpful kids, Hans (age 6,) Dane (age 4) & Shia (aged 2.)

The Christiansens believe three equally important factors create a great product – genetics, diet and environment. All three must be paramount to produce their gourmet pork. The farm raises purebred Berkshire (also known as Kurobuta) pigs, which are uniquely suited to Utah's high desert climate. The animals are allowed 300 times the industry average of pasture space to roam, and fed a custom blend of locally grown wheat, barley, oats, and alfalfa. Scraps, donuts, or bread are never part of the pigs' diet. The pasture-raised animals are always handled with care and respect.

This supreme treatment creates a pork of equally supreme quality – the most tender, juicy, and flavor-packed you will ever eat. From these wonderful animals, Liberty Heights Fresh butchers its pork chops, pork roasts, ribs, house-cured ham, smoked pork belly, and house-made sausages.  More Info.

Wise chefs know that in cooking, to reach beyond the simple one note flavors of salty, sweet, bitter and sour, cooks use "umami." Sometimes labeled as the fifth taste, umami packed foods, such as anchovies, tomatoes and mushrooms, are savory, rich and nuanced, and offer a feeling of satisfaction that plain "sweet" or "salty" never can.

Just in to Liberty Heights Fresh, all natural Red Boat Fish Sauce is savory, sweet, and umani-packed, giving its dishes a satisfying and rich quality. Red Boat is a first press "extra virgin" Vietnamese fish sauce, gluten free, and without preservatives or MSG.

Created from a two hundred year-old artisanal process, family-run Red Boat is made simply from black anchovies that are salted minutes after leaving the sea, then slow aged for over a year in traditional wooden barrels. Red Boat anchovies are fished exclusively from the crystal clear waters off the Phu Quoc Island archipelago off Vietnam.

Use Red Boat to add complexity and subtly to many of your dishes. Add a few teaspoons to soups and stews for a richer broth, in spice rubs and vinaigrettes, and to any dish that needs a lift.

If you are like us, you just can't get enough cheese!  Here at Liberty Heights Fresh we take great pride not only in our amazing variety of cheese from around the corner to around the globe, but the care we take in preparing that cheese.  Unique to SLC, Liberty Heights Fresh wraps each of its cheeses in a semi-permeable wrap that extends shelf life and preserves flavor and integrity.  But hey, don't take our word for it, just come in and ask for a taste!

Have a hankering for a tasty salty snack?  New to Liberty Heights Fresh today, try delicious Pop Art Gourmet Popcorn! Made by Salt Lake City locals Michael & Vanessa Dobson using only high quality ingredients such as organic corn, cheese free of rBGH, and the best organic and natural spices, these gourmet treats will change the way you see popcorn.   

Fabulous flavors include White Pepper Parmesan, Rosemary Truffle, Thai Coconut Curry, and White Cheddar Jalapeño.

Flowers make everything better - stop by to pick up one of our stunning sping flower bouquets!  Brighten the day of your sweetie, a co-worker, or anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. 

Fresh pasta from The Pasta Shop just in today!  Try the tender gnocchi or creamy ravioli's.  They cook in minutes, just dress with a drizzle of extra virgin, a sprinkle of fresh parm and dinner is served!

March 10, 2012:

Vibrant, amazingly colorful long stem and long lasting tulips are here!  Brighten your kitchen table, your office or a friend's day with these lovely west coast grown flowers. 2 stems for $16. 

We use the same care in selecting our flower growers that we do our high quality food. 

Delicious and Unusual Cherimoya!

A native of the sky-high mountains of the Andes, this fun fruit with creamy white flesh reminds some of banana, or pineapple, and even bubblegum.  The creamy texture is reminiscent of sherbet;  chill the fruit and enjoy with a spoon like ice-cream.  

One vibrant, sunny morning, a few weeks ago, I sat on the Liberty Heights Fresh patio with my dear friends of over 10 years, Majid Mahjoub and his charming wife Onsa, to talk Tunisian politics and the Arab Spring, the region's unique culinary history, and the state of modern food.

Part-time philosopher and full-time food lover, Majid and family run an all organic, 250-year-old farm that supports the entire local village of 200 families. Each delectable, handcrafted item is grown, cooked, and packaged on-site, respecting and honoring the 3,000 year traditions of Tunisia and its Berber past.

Tunisian cuisine melds the sensibilities of the Mediterranean with the arid terroir and nomadic peasant history of northern Africa. Harissa, the warm, smoky spread and flavor enhancer is their meat alternative. With a deeply satisfying and mouth-filling punch of flavor with just a pinch, Mahjoub's Harissa is made from all organically grown ingredients using farming methods passed down through the generations. Blended from sundried ground peppers, garlic, cardamom, coriander and extra virgin olive oil, Harissa coaxes the best, most authentic flavors out of every dish. Use Harissa to add vibrancy and pop to any lackluster stock, soup or dip. Mix it with aioli, or add it for a burst of flavor to eggs, lamb or chicken.

When we say that this is gold medal chocolate, that’s not just an expression. Poco Dolce’s Sesame Toffee Tiles won the Gold sofi™ for Outstanding Chocolate from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade! This sofi™ award (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) was given in June of 2010 in New York and - we’re here to tell you - it’s well deserved.

Poco Dolce’s chocolate tiles are a must-taste. Once you’ve tasted one, they’ll become a must-eat. The chocolate artisans who craft these tiles really know how to combine flavors in innovative ways with delicious results. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to chocolate and sea salt, give a Poco Dolce tile a try and you’ll discover the answer in one bite. Their tiles achieve a perfect balance of flavors, each one complementing and enhancing the others.

Their toasted, crispy Sesame Seed Toffee with Bittersweet Chocolate is another huge success for this small producer who’s doing everything right.

How does Poco Dolce produce such exquisite flavor? By hand, of course. The chocolate is hand-poured into sheet pans, hand scored, and then broken by hand. And in case you’re wondering about the scale . . . they craft 16 pieces at a time.

Poco Dolce is made exactly the way it’s intended to be eaten - tile by tile. Whatever your expectations, you won’t be disappointed by this tile. Want to pair it with something? We recommend a nice red or rose.

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