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The FALL flavors are Here! Just in - the yearly highly anticipated fall flavors of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  Get 'em while they are last...

  • Sweet Potato & Torched Marshmallow
  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint
  • Cinderella Pumpkin
  • Middle West Whiskey Eggnog

Check out this video on the making of their Cindarella Pumpkin!

To commemorate our 20th, Salt Lake City's own Amour Spreads has crafted an exclusive Liberty Heights Fresh "20th Anniversary Peach Jam" created from locally grown Glo Haven peaches. They selected these ripe and juicy peaches, grown just north of the valley, as they are my personal favorite peach! Our friends John and Casee of Amour Spreads truly epitomize what is fabulous about the burgeoning Salt Lake valley artisan food movement. Their steadfast commitment to flavor, quality and integrity make this special jam even more cherished. In very limited supply!


Perfect for brunch this weekend! From Sun Valley - Fresh Smoked Rainbow Trout, fully cooked and ready to enjoy with your bagel, eggs and fresh fruit. Lightly brined and applewood smoked, no preservatives, no hormones, none of the bad stuff! In plain and cracked pepper.

Perfect for ‪those on the paleo diet‬ and so much more! From Harvest Bay who bring us one of our favorite Coconut Waters - we now offer their cold-pressed, organic extra virgin Coconut Oil from young coconuts, made within hours of harvest. This rich and creamy oil is a wonderful vegan‬ alternative to butter in baking, high-smoke point sauteing, and has virtually no coconut flavor or aroma once cooked. Some studies have shown coconut oil to have anti Alzheimer's properties as well as to boost metabolism. Lovely on your skin, too!

One of our favorite crafters of unique ice-creams - world famous Jeni's Splendid Ice-Creams - has debuted two new decadent toppings to decorate their ice-creams! 

The Salty Caramel Sauce is made from slowly toasted sugar mixed with generous amounts of sea salt, cream, and vanilla beans.   Drizzle warm onto their signature Salty Caramel ice-cream, the Dark Chocolate or their Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean. 

The Honey Butterscotch is a sublime blend of gently caramelized Ohio wildflower honey, with butter, cream, and a big pinch of sea salt. Big and buttery! Enjoy on the Whiskey and Pecans, Pistachio and Honey or the Buckeye State. 



While many of our regular customers will recognize the "old man" olive oil - a select few others wait each year with great anticipation for its return! The Ascolano Olive Oil from the Robbins Family Farm in San Luis Obispo, CA is mild oil, with complex notes of fresh grass and lush earth. Perfect to enjoy with crusty bread, in salad dressings or brush on vegetables and meats for roasting.

Also from Robbins Family Farm, the Eve's Mandarin Olive Oil is crafted with whole Mandarin Oranges, imparting not only the flavors of sweet citrus, but the balancing counterpoint of the bitter peel. Ideal to use in marinades for pork and fish, salad dressings with fresh citrus fruit and juices, or drizzle over briny olives and goat cheese.

Their Manzanillo Olive Oil is a unique oil with an exciting, evolving flavor profile. What starts as smooth and buttery, changes to lively and grassy, then moves on your palette to piquant and peppery. Use in place of butter in your mashed potatoes, to add depth to your salad dressings, and will shine when used for dipping.

These beautiful bottles are not only works of art on the inside - the enchanting print that decorates the Ascolano was painted to honor the Umbrian olive oil tradition and is a depiction of a 75-year-old gentleman that has worked on the annual harvest most of his life. Although retired, he comes to the orchard each year and climbs the ancient trees to pick all day and is paid with enough oil for his family for the coming year. This image depicts him as he enjoyed his lunch break on a typical fall harvest day.

Robbins Family Farm is a small producer of Italian, Spanish, and California olive oil varietals in San Luis Obispo, California. After falling in love with the picturesque olive groves and flavorful oils on a trip to the Spanish countryside in 1972, the family decided one day to live their dream of crafting those oils. In the 90's, the family relocated to the Central Coast of California where they rediscovered the wonders of California olive oil and planted their own orchards.

All of their fruit is sustainably grown and still picked by hand. The olives are milled within just a few hours of picking to assure the highest quality and freshness, and then bottled just before shipping. The cool mornings of central California mixed with the long, warm days adds to beautiful flavors of these unique, complex oils.

Studded with green peppercorns, Yaquina Bay Pavé from River's Edge Chèvre is a bloomy-rind cheese with a distinctive trapezoidal shape. This unusual shape allows the cheese to ripen more evenly, turning the firm, dense paste into creamy smoothness, with the bite of peppercorn threading through each silky mouthful.

Yaquina Bay Pavé ripes slowly, allowing you to enjoy it young and sliceable; or let it develop as it ages and becomes bolder yet with a softer texture.

Raw, Unpasteurized and Organic! 

New nut and seed butters from Living Tree Community Foods in Berkeley, CA in Organic Almond, Organic Cashew and Organic Sunflower Butter.  A perfect substitute for those who avoid peanuts (they operate a peanut-free facility,) added sugars, gluten, GMO's and other undesirable additives.  Ideal for those following the paleo diet!




Siltcoos Cheese from River's Edge Chevre in Logsden, Oregon is named after Siltcoos Lake, the largest lake along the Oregon Coast.  A small herd of Alpine goats provide the milk for this rich and creamy cheese, with wonderfully opulent tangy and herbaceous flavors.  It is adorned with a pretty fern frond, in honor of its Pacific Northwest roots.  Hand-made by cheesemaker Patricia Morfod and her daughters, the cheese is coated in ash and allowed to develop a bloomy rind;  early on the cheese is quite delicate and mildly salty - as it ages the cheese will become richer and spicier. 

Use a scoop of Siltcoos to balance spicy dishes such as chili or lentil stew, on a cheese plate with olives and salami, or with a chilled glass of sparkling wine. 

2013 SoFI Finalist!  Each year the Specialty Food Association announces its coveted awards for the best products the world has to offer!  The Pecado bar is a finalist in the popular "Outstanding Snack Food" category. 

The new Pecado bar from Spain combines the sweet flavor of juicy Spanish figs with rich chocolate and a hint of orange.  This irresistible sweet-tooth satisfier is produced by a small family company in the town of Almoharin, from the region of Extremadura, a land of abundant fig trees. In this region, fig trees continue to be cultivated as they have been for hundreds of years, using traditional techniques that minimize the use of fertilizers and chemical products.  This non-GMO product is also free of preservatives, trans fats and gluten.   Just the right size for a snack and only 95 calories. 

From family-run Lark's Meadow Farms in Rexburg, Idaho - Dulcinea is a Basque-style raw sheep's milk cheese. Making no attempt to hide its rustic origins, Dulcinea is tangy, subtle, with distinct notes of apricot, cherries and peaches.  The result is remarkably balanced and lets the flavors of the ewe's milk shine. Serve with freshly sliced summer fruits, bold dark wines, or just a hunk of crusty bread.

Their signature cheese, Dulcinea won two awards at the 2011 American Cheese Society Conference: a first place in the open category for sheep's milk and mixed milk cheeses aged over 60 days, and a third place in the aged sheep's milk cheeses category. 

KoKos Coconut Cheese is a mild pasteurized cow's milk cheese with a nice dash of coconut cream to add a hint of sweetness and a rich creamy texture.  Fun and unique, the flavor is slightly nutty with a smooth palette and refreshing finish. 

Grate onto pineapple pizza, pair with tropical fruits, or enjoy with a fruity red wine and a square of dark chocolate. 

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