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From Abruzzo, Italy, Fior di Maiella White Polenta with Truffle and Porcini Mushrooms:

This rich and satisfying white polenta is made from non-GMO white corn and flavored with black truffle and dried porcini mushrooms. A taste of opulence in every bite, but on the table in about 5 minutes!  Pair with grilled duck breast, pork chops or roasted vegetables.  


Liberty Heights Fresh now offers a full line of naturally gluten-free heritage grains to use in all your baking and cooking!

Zócalo's mission is to support agricultural communities and traditions in Latin America and bring heritage alternative grains and flours to North America. They select only products that adhere to strict standards of fair and equitable treatment of their communities and responsible land stewardship. 

Peruvian Organic Lima Bean Flour - Named after Peru's capital, the rich and buttery Lima bean has been cultivated in Peru's coastal regions dating back to 6000 BC.  It is a very versatile, high-protein and buttery-flavored legume.  Zócalo mills the beans to create a delicate gluten-free flour that can be added to soups as a great vegan alternative to cream and mixed with other flours to make delicious baked goods and breads. 

Sweet Potato Flour - Incredibly versatile - sweet potato flour can be used to create moist and delicious gluten-free muffins, pancakes and other tasty baked goods, as a thickener for sauces and gravies, and to coat fish or chicken.  The flavor is rich yet delicately sweet. 

Amaranth Heritage Kiwicha (kee-wee-cha) Flour - once a staple of the Incas, Aztecs, and other pre-Columbian peoples, amaranth is a seed (not a grain) about the size of a poppy seed with a light brown color.  Easily harvested and rapid growing, amaranth offers high quantity protein, essential amino acids, calcium, iron, magnesium, folate, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin E, fiber, and zinc.  Regular consumption is thought to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.  Amaranth has a nutty flavor that works nicely added to breakfasts, in rich baked goods, and used to make pastas and breads.  

Purple Corn - Organic Maiz Morado Flour - Purple corn, once a staple of the Incan empire, is botanically the same species as regular table corn.  With a deep purple color, this corn has long been used by people of the Peruvian Andes to color beverages and food.  Most commonly, maiz morado is used to make both alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions of a popular beverage called Chicha Morada. Naturally rich in the antioxidant anthocyanins, purple corn has a higher antioxidant capacity than blueberries.  This antioxidant is thought to have anti-inflammatory abilities, improve circulation, inhibit abnormal cell growth and encourage connective tissue regeneration.  Use purple corn in any recipe that call for traditional corn flour for a burst of extra nutrition. 

Branches Honey from Katz and Company crafts unique varietal honeys.  Their mission is to seek out distinctive California flora which produce honeys that have the singular aroma, taste, texture and color reflective of their particular species of flower. 

All of the Branches honeys are gathered directly from the hives and bottled unpasteurized, thus maintaining the multitude of health benefits associated with honey that are often lost in traditional commercial honey from overheating to eliminate crystallization.   If your honey does develop some crystals, simply gently reheat in a warm (but off) oven and stir to combine. 

These beautifully wrapped bottles make a wonderful hostess gift or treat for mom. 

Citrus Blossom - gathered from California's Central Valley where citrus trees grow in abundance, the honey has a pale color with an aroma of an orange tree in bloom.   Drizzle over yogurt or granola, brush over baked squash or serve with apples and pears. 

Range Wildflower Honey -  with a rich creamy texture and herbal notes from the wildflowers of the California Sierra foothills - this honey reveals flavors of wild berries, sweet clover, star thistle and more.  Perfect to spoon into warm tea or onto your morning toast.

Wild Blackberry -  With a pretty amber color and delightful floral flavor, the wild blackberry honey is wonderful on warm baked breads and used in salad dressings and marinades. 

Black Button Sage - Gathered in the lower foothills of the California coastal mountain ranges, the Black Button Sage when pollinated produces a honey that will not granulate and is amazingly smooth in texture. Delightful pure color and subtle herbaceous taste.  Lovely with assertive cheeses and fresh fruit, or over vanilla ice-cream.

From one of our favorite California olive oil producers, Bozzano Olive Ranch produces high quality oils to use in cooking, in salad dressings, to top grilled vegetables and meats, or to garnish soups.

Coratina California  - Certified 100% organic extra virgin olive oil with a robust flavor and notes of sweet cherry.

Maurino California - Certified 100% organic extra virgin with grassy notes and a peppery finish. 

Toscana - Certified 100% organic extra virgin blend of Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino olives. Fruity and floral, ideal for salad dressings, pastas, and sautéed vegetables.

The Bozzano family has been farming in California for four generations and in Italy for generations more!  When 15-year-old Lino Bozzano emigrated to Stockton, CA, he brought his family's traditional olive oil methods with him.  At first he planted tomatoes, then moved to cherries, then in January 2007 the Bozzano family switched to olives and olive oil. In four generations the Bozzano farm has come full circle, from a small olive farm in Italy to the expansive olive ranch it is today.


Dating back to the era of the Pharaohs and even early pre-pottery civilizations, the ancient grains of Lentz Spelt Farms and their sister brand Resurgent Grains are sustainably grown on the sunny Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington. From Lena Lentz Hardt, a descendant of centuries of European and Russian wheat farmers, her wholesome whole grains are higher in protein than many modern grains, are nutritionally richer and more complex, and have a wonderful rich nutty flavor.

Certified Organic Whole Grain Spelt Flour – Use in place of whole wheat flour for a softer texture and slightly sweeter flavor. Fantastic for pancakes!

Whole Grain Spelt Berries – grind to make your own flour, or soak overnight and use for cereal, in soups or salads.

Emmer Farro Pancake Mix – all you need for your busy mornings!

Whole Grain Emmer Farro Berries – a rich flavor with a distinct crunch even when cooked, perfect for salads.

Madécasse Chocolate Company began with a vision by former Peace Corp volunteers to change chocolate in Africa.  Currently, 70% of the world's cocoa comes from Africa yet less than 1% of chocolate is actually made there. Going beyond simply "fair trade," making the chocolate in Madagascar itself creates four times the number of jobs and income than simply harvesting raw cocoa.  With a commitment to natural farming practices, the cocoa is produced without pesticides or chemicals and harvested by hand.  Each step of the process occurs at their plant in Madagascar, from chocolate production using all locally sourced ingredients to the local printing of the wrappers. The result is a fine and nuanced bar that reveals complex chocolate and fruity flavors revealing the unique soil, climate and beans found in Madagascar. 

Pink Pepper & Citrus - Floral, sweet and highly addictive. This bar leads with clear citrus notes from the exotic combava fruit.  Lingering touches of spice and berries from mild pink peppercorn stays long on your tongue, mingling with a deep cocoa flavor from the 63% dark base.

Arabica Coffee -  chocolate with crunch.  The coffee beans are shade grown by a small farming cooperative in the highlands of Madagascar, then the coffee nibs are blended with classic cocoa nibs and traditional chocolate. The result: a rich coffee and caramel flavor, every crunchy bite both sweet and savory.

Sea Salt & Nibs - Crunchy with a touch of salt.  The cocoa nibs add texture to the 63% cocoa bar's naturally smooth flavor. A light dusting of sea salt intensifies the complex flavors of the cocoa.  Each bite has a satisfyingly sweet & savory experience to be remembered.

Milk Chocolate - Silky smooth! Winner of the Good Food Award, recognizing chocolate that is "delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to communities and cultural traditions."  Uncover the softer side of Madagascar with their 44% Milk Chocolate bar.

75% Cocoa Bar - Dark and bold!  Their 75% cocoa bar is powerful and strong. The higher percentage cocoa gives this bar a deep, intense chocolate flavor. It's perfect for the person who says, “I like dark, dark chocolate.”   Fine dark chocolate is as unique as it's cocoa source. Like wines, coffees or olive oils, you can detect subtle flavors when you take your time with it. Many consider Madagascar cocoa to be the best in the world.

Earthling Organics creates lightly sweet, raw, vegan, gluten & grain free granolas. Enjoy these un-baked cereals made with soaked organic almonds and pumpkin seeds for breakfast, on the trail or as a healthy snack any time.  The granolas are gently dried at low temperatures for the nutritional properties to remain intact.

Vanilla Rawnola - made from organic coconut, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, figs, and vanilla bean.  Grain and gluten-free. 

Cacao Rawnola -  Made with heirloom Cacao from small scale farms in the remote mountain regions of Ecuador. Crafted from sun and low temperature dried organic coconut, pumpkin seeds, figs and cacao.

Many of our patrons are now following the "paleo" diet which emphasizes grass-fed meats, organic vegetables and fruits, plus nuts and oils.  Liberty Heights Fresh now stocks a few items to make it easier!

La Tourangelle Virgin & Unrefined Coconut Oil - La Tourangelle organic, naturally refined coconut oil is a wonderful all-purpose oil for stir-fry's, sauteeing and in baking.  It's high smoke-point (450F) and mild, neutral flavor makes it great substitute for shortening. It has 0g trans fat and is made from organic coconuts which are expeller-pressed within 4 days of being harvested by hand. No refrigeration is required after opening and it has a 6 month shelf life when opened. 

Purity Farms Organic Ghee - Ghee is clarified butter (butter where the milk solids have been separated and removed.) This creates a shelf-stable butter that is rich tasting and golden colored with a semi-soft texture.   Ideal for high smoke point cooking, use in place of butter in sauteing to impart a buttery flavor.  Purity Farms Ghee is made from Grade AA Sweet Cream Certified Organic. 

Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk - This organic Coconut Milk is made from the pressing of fresh, ripe, organic coconut meat.  Use in place of milk in recipes, or to make delicious frozen desserts, and to add creaminess to soups and sauces.  Gluten and dairy free.


CastelaS has rejuvenated the centuries old tradition of Provence to create Late Harvest Fruite Noir olive oil. Produced from four fruity native olive varieties (Salonenque, Aglandau, Grossane and Verdale) and picked at their peak of ripeness, the olives are then  lightly fermented.  The process brings out the deep flavors of preserved black olives, black truffles and cocoa.  

A rare high quality olive oil that is not extra-virgin, the fermentation removes the traditional "green and peppery" notes from the polyphenols, allowing the more subtle complex flavors of the olive to shine. 

A new premium vinegar produced by Acetaia Cattani, Olivewood Balsamic is made from indigenous grapes from the Cattani's own vineyard in the Modenese hills. It is aged for just over 8 years in oak and then Olivewood barrels.  The olivewood aging produces a delicate, sweet and earthy flavor unique to the wood. Pair with red meat and pork, or drizzle over sweet bleu cheese and fresh fruit. 

Cattani is a fifth generation balsamic producer from Modena, Italy, dating back to the early 19th century. In 1980 they converted to organic agriculture to guarantee the highest quality and selection for grapes.

This elegantly designed Dequmana olives are cured the traditional and natural way with water and salt. The olives are hand harvested and processed in small batches in barrels to ensure the highest quality product. No dyes, preservatives or overwhelming vinegar to get in your taste buds' way.

The enormous Gordal olive is firm and succulent. Grown mostly in Andalucia, it ripens early and is used exclusively as a table olive due to its lower oil content and many sugars that help in the fermentation process.

The brand reflects the old Roman road named Decumano that ran from the Andalucian town of Carmona (where these olives are produced) to Rome. Much of the olives and olive oil used by the Romans came from Spain and travelled this road.

This product has been produced free of soy, gluten, dairy, and genetically engineered ingredients.


For a fun family project this year, sow the seeds of love (and fresh organic vegetables) and plant a garden together. It a great time to plant indoors and start your spring and summer garden! Seeds are the perfect and inexpensive gift for curious kids, your green-thumb neighbor or anyone who loves growing their own organic fruits and vegetables. Our USDA Certified Organic seeds come from Renee's Garden Seeds - a national leader in heirloom seeds varietals.

Renee's Garden is committed to selecting only the best varieties for home gardeners, based on great flavor, easy culture and exceptional garden performance.  With over 25 years in the seed business, their line of seeds is personally selected by Renee - from new, exciting and unusual seed choices of time tested heirlooms from around the world, to the best open pollinated varieties and top-quality new hybrids for cooking from the garden.

Their packets are decorated with beautiful watercolor portraits and offer customers complete growing instructions, a quick-view planting chart, growing tips, harvesting information and cooking ideas. All the information is written to provide a helping hand to beginning as well as more experienced gardeners.



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