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Homemade pasta sauce can be amazing - but for the times you are not in mood to cook or simply don't have the time - Dave's Gourmet Pasta sauces are the perfect solution. These award winning sauces will complement any pasta:

Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce:  WINNER BEST PASTA SAUCE- NEW YORK FANCY FOOD SHOW 2009  The first of its  kind, our all-natural butternut-squash pasta sauce is made with squash ripened in Oregon's Willamette Valley.  Paired with fresh garlic, onions and roasted red pepper, the natural sweetness and delicate flavor of the butternut squash is enhanced to provide a delicious change of pace.

Organic Red Heirloom Pasta Sauce:  A fresh tasting sauce featuring fresh garlic, fresh herbs and organic heirloom tomatoes that burst with flavor. Try it tossed with your favorite pasta and dusted with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. 

Organic Spicy Heirloom Marinara Pasta Sauce:  Winner 2009 Scovie, 2010 Golden Pepper. Made from organic red heirloom tomatoes that are vine ripened and picked in the height of the season. Pair that with spicy red peppers and you have a fantastic flavor with a little bite!

Wild Mushroom Pasta Sauce: This is not a tomato sauce with mushrooms, but a mouth watering mushroom sauce whose flavor is based upon wild Porcini and buttery Shitake mushrooms. The garlic, sherry, cream, sage and tomatoes are notes that round out the flavor and complement and support the mushrooms.

Organic Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil Pasta Sauce:  Try this delicious combination of aromatic sweet basil, tomatoes, carrots, onions, extra virgin olive oil and fire roasted garlic. It tastes just like an organic summer garden.

Nothing can bring people together like a simple wedge of cheese.  A new arrival, but steeped in centuries of cheese making history – the 1655 Gruyere is a firm, natural rind raw milk cheese with remarkable flavor. With a melt in your mouth creamy texture, 1655 Gruyere lends subtle notes of warm toasted nuts and baked fruit. Enjoy the cheese on its own, drizzled with olive oil and paired with Creminelli charcuterie, or with a dollop of Amour Spreads blackberry jam.  The name is a nod to the year 1655, when two brothers began producing this cheese commercially in the historic town of Gruyere, Switzerland. 

Now many of you might say it never left, but Liberty Heights Fresh is proud to once again offer delicious local lamb from two of our favorite local purveyors.  Morgan Valley Lamb, out of Delta, UT, halted production back in the spring, but again is providing their all natural, sustainably raised lamb.  Run by three generation sheep ranchers, Morgan Valley Lamb was one of the original supporters of the Utah local food movement.  Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery in beautiful Eden, UT hand-crafts sublime sheep's milk cheeses. Liberty Heights Fresh was fortunate to acquire one of their lambs.  In our fridge and freezer cases right now, enjoy local grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free rack of lamb, delicious lamb chops, tender short ribs, or tasty ground lamb.   

Coconut water is refreshing, full of potassium, and naturally lightly sweet.  Made from tender young coconuts, Coconut Water and Coco Aloe are a delicious alternative to plain water and a healthy substitute for sugar-filled energy drinks.  

Taste Nirvana is an eight year old company out of Thailand whose mission is to provide authentic food experiences and to educate their consumers on the history and culture of countries from where their products are produced.  Taste Nirvana's beverages are made in an environmentally friendly steam powered facility. 

Delicious, crunchy and healthy, Liberty Heights Fresh now offers 4 tasty all natural varieties of snacks from I Heart Keenwah - Chocolate Sea Salt, Almond, Cranberry Cashew, and Ginger Peanut.

Quinoa, also known as "Chisaya Mama" or the "mother of all grains," is a super food complete source of protein containing all 9 essential amino acids - the same kind of protein found in meat and dairy.  It's also gluten-free, low-glycemic, high in fiber, and packed with vitamins and minerals.


Looking for a healthy yet satisfying way to start your morning? Muesli, which is a Northern European breakfast staple, is a delicious option.  Morning Zen, from Muesli Fusion is a gluten-free blend of oats, raisins, cranberries, almonds, flax and pumpkin seeds.  Morning Zen is produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Mix Morning Zen with milk or yogurt and top with fresh fruit, or cook and enjoy like you would oatmeal. 

Muesli Fusion is an all natural food producer out of Rochester, New York. Their focus is providing raw, organic and all natural museli to the American market. 

When one thinks of downtown Salt Lake, the image of magically bubbling copper pots filled with organic jams might not spring to mind. But John and Casee Francis are out to change that. Their sparkling little jars of love aka "Amour Spreads" are made a stone's throw from Liberty Park. Crafted primarily of locally grown Utah fruit, pure cane sugar, and fresh organic lemon juice, each batch is hand made with care in traditional copper jam pans.

After a serendipitous run-in with a wild berry patch on a hike one afternoon, John and Casee decided to turn their love of jams and marmalades into a full time venture. The integrity the couple brings to their art shines through in every drop; their seasonal fruit is never frozen, the jams are created only at their luscious peak of flavor, and each batch is made by hand. Their authentic methods let the pure fruit and herbs speak for themselves.

John and Casee's unique and powerful flavor combinations elevate these beauties beyond mere jam to coat your morning bagel. Use the Apricot Rose as a sumptuous glaze on pork chops or duck breast, the incomparable Blood Orange Rosemary Marmalade in dressing for Arugula Salad, or spread the Strawberry Rhubarb onto Ricotta Pancakes for brunch. Our favorite treat? A healthy dollop of Blackberry (made with berries right from LHF) swirled into Straus Family Creamery organic Vanilla Ice-Cream.

Craving that salty and crunchy late afternoon or midnight snack? Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, enjoy healthy and delicious, gluten-free Ketchum Kale Chips!  A delicious alternative to high-fat, nutrition-absent snack foods, these kale chips are made with dehydrated organic kale and all high quality organic ingredients.  The chips are dehydrated at a low temp to specifically retain kale's nutrients and enzymes. Made not far from Salt Lake in Hailey, Idaho, by It Takes a Village Foods, the kale chips come in four tasty varieties:

Organic Zen Nori:  made with naturally detoxifying seaweed and toasted sesame oil.

Organic Lemon Parmesan:  with fresh lemon juice and Parmesan cheese.

Organic Chipotle:  just the right amount of spice, plus organic sunflower seeds and organic tomatoes. 

Almost Naked:  'nuff said!

Old-world style gourmet popcorn from Amish Country! 

Sold in 2 lb. bags, this "hullless" popcorn has a smaller kernel that is more tender when popped. Hulless popcorn also has the reputation of being digested easier, and is less likely to get stuck in your teeth.  All of their varieties are non-GMO. 

Blue- slightly sweet with small hulls and great flavor. 

Medium White - an Amish Country favorite, the finest white popcorn available.

Red - great distinct flavor, with a meaty white yet fluffy pop.

Laloo's Goat's Milk Ice Cream in Vanilla Snowflake, Black Mission Fig, Deep Chocolate, Capraccino and Rumplemint - YUM!

With a decadent custard like texture, Laloo's 100% goat's milk ice-cream offers more protein and calcium, yet less than half the fat. Best yet, those with lactose sensitivity can indulge!

Laloo's is a "Certified B" Company: they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Traditionally made by draining whey from slightly salted yogurt, Labne is a thick & creamy yogurt cheese and a healthier alternative to regular cream cheese. Use in place of cream cheese on your bagel or as a substitute for sour cream in dips, on baked potatoes, or with fresh fruit. Rich, creamy and packed with active probiotics!  

Delicious 100% Certified Organic Frozen Raw Coconut Meat:

Raw coconut meat naturally contains live enzymes, lauric acid, and is gluten free. Except for picking and opening the nut, there is little human handling in the process. There are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives used in this product.  Lauric acid is used by the body to make disease fighting fatty acids. 

A few interesting facts about Exotic Superfoods Fozen Organic Coconut Meat:

  • The coconut meat has sn almost unlimited shelf life if the product is kept frozen.
  • Coconut meat is recipe ready, just thaw.
  • The coconut meat has not been pasteurized therefore still contains all the valuable nutrients and enzymes.
  • This is the closest thing to a freshly harvested young coconut.
  • It is certified organic, and as nature intended. There are no artificial colors, sugars, fats, preservatives, and chemicals of any kind.
  • There is no brown skin on the coconut meat. The coconut meat is all white and recipe ready.

Read the full story behind Exotic Superfood's Young Thai Organic Coconut

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