Whet Your Whistle

The beer revolution is on! No longer do we accept pale, insipid, beer flavored water for our brews – we expect hand-crafted, full flavored selections from talented , local, award-winning brewers. Swing by to pick up a chilled sixer of fine Utah-made beer from Bohemian, Squatters, Uinta or Wasatch.

You will still need to see the Governor for your spirits. However, we can supply everything else you might need to make a stunning cocktail – the finest syrups, bitters, mixers and garnishes.

For those who enjoy a softer choice, we stock a fabulous selection of unique and all natural sodas you won't find anywhere else, or course sweetened only with real cane sugar.

Our Favorites

Some of our favorites include Portland based Hot Lips Sodas, all natural, seasonal sodas made from ripe berries of the Pacific Northwest, and Spin Drift, a crisp and refreshing mix of real fruit juices and fizzy water.

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Gift Baskets & Platters

Please call the store (801-583-7374) during business hours to order gift baskets and platters for all kinds of parties.