Customer Feedback

All of the employees are so nice and helpful...

“I just want to tell you how much I enjoy shopping at Liberty Heights Fresh. Even though I had planned to stop in today...the email from you that highlighted Valentine’s Day ideas, as well as the one from Emi, did the trick.

One of the reasons I love LHF is because all the employees are so nice and helpful. I’m in often enough to be on a first-name basis with many LHF employees. I don’t know all of them by name, but today I got a lesson in Brie and other soft cheeses from Emi (and went away w/ some as well as some of the new rabbit pate). When I couldn’t find beets, Emi went looking for Ria. Even though I got distracted with other things, Ria found me later with a couple of bunches of beets. Kate is always terrific, too. And everytime I refill my olive oil bottle from the big, bulk box, I want to call and thank you for suggesting that as the most economical choice.

Thanks for all you and everyone at LHF do to make food, and especially shopping for food, more enjoyable in SLC.”


Compliments to the produce department...

“I was in your store the other day and want to compliment your produce department...much better than Whole Foods...Keep up the good work!”


We were so impressed...

“We recently stopped at what is now our new favorite market, for a looksee. WOW! We are so impressed with...your selections, your variety, and your caring and extremely helpful employees, that we have told everyone we know about your shop!

P.S. I love the cheeses. I haven’t had such a variety of choices since I lived in Germany.

Keep up the great work!”


Thanks for the goose fat...

“Thanks again for the trouble you went to for the goose fat. The chickens were awesome, every bit as good as I remember them in Paris.”


The turkey and latkes were wonderful...

“I’ve been meaning to let you know that the turkey and latkes were wonderful. Keeping the turkey warm in the crock pot with some chicken broth worked brilliantly (and kept the meat moist, which can be a challenge for turkey, I think). And the latkes were a genuine hit! I couldn’t plate them fast enough. You may need to start offering those as a specialty every December. (Though, they were a bit larger than I’d ever seen or made them them.) Thank you, again, for your willingness to meet my specific requests. I’ll definitely keep Liberty Heights in mind next time we have a large party like this.”


Thanks for the detailed information and customer service...

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your response to my food ingredient inquiry. I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed response you provided from your supplier. I have been sharing this fascinating information with my friends and will certainly be back to explore more of LHF’s amazing selection of food. It has been a long time since I have come across this level of customer service.Thank you. You guys are awesome.”


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