Amour Spreads Tasting this Saturday, March 23, 3 - 5pm

Join us on Saturday to taste sublime hand crafted jams and marmalades made with love right here in Salt Lake City. Enjoy Amour Spreads with breads, on a cheese and charcuterie platter, as a delicious marinade, or use in your favorite recipes. The pretty jars make attractive gifts, too.

When one thinks of downtown Salt Lake, the image of magically bubbling copper pots filled with organic jams might not spring to mind. But John and Casee Francis are out to change that. Their sparkling little jars of love aka "Amour Spreads" are made a stone's throw from Liberty Park. Crafted primarily of locally grown Utah fruit, pure cane sugar, and fresh organic lemon juice, each batch is hand made with care in traditional copper jam pans.

After a serendipitous run-in with a wild berry patch on a hike one afternoon, John and Casee decided to turn their love of jams and marmalades into a full time venture. The integrity the couple brings to their art shines through in every drop; their seasonal fruit is never frozen, the jams are created only at their luscious peak of flavor, and each batch is made by hand. Their authentic methods let the pure fruit and herbs speak for themselves.

John and Casee's unique and powerful flavor combinations elevate these beauties beyond mere jam to coat your morning bagel. Use the Apricot Rose as a sumptuous glaze on pork chops or duck breast, the incomparable Blood Orange Rosemary Marmalade in dressing for Arugula Salad, or spread the Strawberry Rhubarb onto Ricotta Pancakes for brunch. Our favorite treat? A healthy dollop of Blackberry (made with berries right from LHF) swirled into Straus Family Creamery organic Vanilla Ice-Cream.

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