Terms & Conditions

Liberty Heights Fresh Sustainably Farmed Food Program


Sign up for the Liberty Heights Fresh Sustainably Farmed Food program (SSF) at http://csa.farmigo.com/join/libertyheightsfresh/csa. Members enroll in 13 week, 6 week or week by week programs. Members who select the week to week billing option commit to a minimum 6 week subscription. Members who opt for the longer term commitments receive a discounted price.  

Automatic Renewal

When a subscriber enrolls into the Liberty Heights Fresh Sustainably Farmed Food program (SSF) he or she submits information for automatic recurring billing. At the end of the subscriber's term, he or she will automatically be renewed and billed accordingly. If the subscriber wishes to end his or her membership at the end of its term, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Sunday 11:59pm the week of the next term's end, before the next scheduled renewal, to cancel a subscription.   To update a credit card or payment information, visit http://csa.farmigo.com/account/libertyheightsfresh.


If, at any time and/or for any reason, a member wishes to cancel a SFF subscription, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (801) 583.7374. Refunds are prorated by weekly cost, less a $15 processing fee. To cancel, contact Liberty Heights Fresh by Sunday, 11:59pm the week of the next scheduled shipment.


If any SFF shipment product received is spoiled or expired, Liberty Heights Fresh will replace the item with a replacement of equal or greater value. Members must notify Liberty Heights Fresh within twenty four hours of receiving the item.


Liberty Heights Fresh will communicate to subscribers via email on a regular basis. Emails may include weekly shipment information, notification of term expirations, payment or renewal issues, or any other notice regarding membership information or store events. By subscribing to the SFF, members are agreeing to open and read all emails as information included may be time sensitive.

Vacations and Temporary Holds

If, for whatever reason, a member wishes to skip a delivery or is unable to pick-up his or her weekly bag, members may, in advance, place their subscription on hold for any length of time. Please visit http://csa.farmigo.com/account/libertyheightsfresh to schedule the dates of the hold by the Sunday at 11:59pm before the week's shipment.

Charitable Donations

If a member wishes to donate his or her weekly shipment to Utahans Against Hunger for a food insecure household, simply inform Liberty Heights Fresh. (Subscribers may opt to do this in lieu of putting their membership on vacation hold.) All shipment bags not picked up by 8am Monday each week will be donated to Utahans Against Hunger.

Order Changes

Any changes or additions to a member's regularly scheduled shipment, including changes in pick-up location, may be arranged after 6am on the day after a regularly scheduled shipment (usually Friday,) but before Sunday 11:59. Simply sign into your account at http://csa.farmigo.com/account/libertyheightsfresh to make any changes.

For example, if you wish to add additional fruit to your order, log in to your Farmigo account after Friday 6am, but before 11:59 Sunday night to make this change.

Please be aware that Liberty Heights Fresh will not make individual substitutions for weekly shipment items that do not meet a subscriber's personal preference.

Pick-up Locations and Information

Liberty Heights Fresh: 1290 South 1100 East, Thursday 1:00pm - 8:00pm

Swaner Eco Center: Kimball Junction, Thursday 4:45pm - 5:15pm

Home Treasures, 1351 Kearns Blvd., Thursday 5:45pm - 6:15pm

Grounds for Coffee, 3005 Harrison Blvd., Friday 10am - 7pm

Pick up days will change occasionally due to extenuating circumstances and Thursday holidays. In this event, subscribers will be notified one week in advance.

Bag Return

Every week, a Liberty Heights Fresh green cotton tote bag containing the member's share will be checked out with each shipment. Please return this bag each week, either to Liberty Heights Fresh directly or at the time of the next week's pick-up. If the tote bag is not returned, a $5 fee will be charged to the subscriber's account.

Privacy Policy

Liberty Heights Fresh values your privacy. Your name, personal information, email, phone numbers, home address, payment information, or any other private information will never be shared nor sold to any third party, under any circumstances.

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Gift Baskets & Platters

Please call the store (801-583-7374) during business hours to order gift baskets and platters for all kinds of parties.