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This sweet turnip is delicious raw. It doesn’t even need to be peeled, but can be simply scrubbed, sliced, and enjoyed. , these quick growing, pretty little globe-shaped roots have crisp, pearly-white flesh. Enjoy their mild flavor sliced up for green salads and crunchy snacks or quickly stirfry, sauté or roast them whole in the oven – they cook in minutes. Mikado’s tasty and nutritious tops make fine cooked greens.

RECIPE: Braised Hakurei Turnips

Organic Sweet Spanish Shallots From Allicins Ranch, Moyie Springs, ID

The versatile shallot is a member of the onion family. With a flavor similar to a milder, sweeter onion with notes of garlic, shallots can be used to add depth and richness to salad dressings, sauces and sautés. With a copper colored, papery outer skin and a white-green flesh inside, shallots grow in clusters and separate into heads like garlic when peeled. Shallots originated in South West Asia, however, now are fundamental to classic French cuisine. Store shallots in a cool dry place for up to 3 months. Discard them if they begin to soften or show signs of sprouting.

Organic Red Chard From COKE FARM, San Juan Bautista, CA

Considered to be one of the more healthful and nutrient dense vegetables, chard is a vibrant and fun winter green to add to soups, stews and sautés. Any tough stems and ribs should be removed and cooked separately or discarded. Rich in Vitamins A & C, iron and protein, chards grows best in a cooler growing season. Wrap loosely in damp towels and store for two to three days in the refrigerator. While all chard leaves are green, the stems and ribs can vary from pale white to bright orange to fuchsia or deep red. Chard was given the name “Swiss Chard” to distinguish it from several varieties of spinach in early French seed catalogues. Considered to be one of the more healthful and nutrient dense vegetables, chard is ideal for steaming or sautéing, or added to soups or pastas. The crisp stems should be removed and cooked separately.  In season in late spring and early winter, chard is rich in Vitamins A, C & K plus fiber, iron and protein. Wrap loosely in damp towels and store for two to three days in the refrigerator.

RECIPE: Swiss Chard with Garlic and Shallots

Organic Broccoli Romanesco From COKE FARM, San Juan Bautista, CA

Broccoli Romanesco can be prepared like cauliflower or broccoli. Separate florets and blanche briefly, then toss with hot pasta and cheese. Boil romanesco florets until tender, then puree with garlic, cream and parmesan. Saute florets in a hot skillet, the stir in a mixture of miso, red pepper, anchovy, almonds and water. Blanch romanesco and cauliflower florets, then combine with grated cheese and bechemel, stuff filling in cannelloni shells, top with tomato sauce and bake. To store, place in a plastic bag; refrigerate. Use within two to three days for optimum quality.

Organic GAI LAN from COKE FARM, San Juan Bautista, CA

Although Gai Lan varies slightly from one variety to the other, each plant produce thick green stems and branches with glossy variegated blue green to deep green leaves. When the plant matures they produce underdeveloped flower buds. The younger plants have crisper tender stalks and leaves. Gai Lan has a flavor similar to broccoli, both bitter and sweet. Its flavor mellows with cooking. As Gai Lan is associated primarily with Chinese cuisine, it is often referred to being used as a stir-fry vegetable. It can be featured within a multitude of cuisines however, substituting for kale, broccoli and collard greens alike. Gai Lan pairs well with rich fatty meats such as pork and works well in cooked cheese dishes in addition to the traditional spicy dishes it is featured in within Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Greens 101: Three Basic Cooking Techniques for Chinese Greens

Organic French Breakfast Radishes From COKE FARM, San Juan Bautista, CA

Although these spring radishes are named “French Breakfast” they are rarely consumed by the French for breakfast (croissant with coffee, please…)   A small snacking radish with a distinct oblong shape, appealing red tint and white tip, this heirloom variety offers a mild sweet and sharp flavor with a crisp snap. Use French Breakfast radishes for a crudités bowl, or simply slice lengthwise, spread with high quality butter and a dusting of sea salt for a satisfying treat. Very low in calories and high in Vitamin C, the radish is a relative of both horseradish and turnips. Store radishes with any leafy greens removed and stored separately (use within 1 or 2 days); wrap the radishes in bags or store in a bowl of water in the fridge for several days.   Change the water every other day or when it gets cloudy.

RECIPE: Radishes with Butter and Salt


Fruit Upgrade:

Organic Cresthaven Peaches from Black Bear Orchards, Palisade, CO

Big, juicy and consistently good. Cresthaven is one of the more frost resistant varieties and has more reliable cropping from year to year. With great, juicy flavor, Cresthaven is great for fresh eating, freezing and canning. Cresthaven is a freestone peach.  Look for Cresthaven in early-to-mid September.

Chocolate Upgrade:


Cheese Upgrade:

Fromager D'Affinois From France

This French innovation may look like pudgy brie, but it's actually much creamier. The mild, buttery flavor has a sweetness that goes very well with champagne and fresh fruit. Fromage d'Affinois may remind you of a triple-creme, so loaded it is with silky fat. But that texture is achieved by ''ultra filtration,'' which breaks down the fat molecules in the milk in order to further disperse them through the paste. The result is a thick, nearly whipped spread of tangy, milky goodness.

Egg Upgrade:

Fresh Local Eggs From CLIFFORD FAMILY FARMS, Provo, UT

Vegetarian Upgrade:

FONTINA VAL D' ASOTA From Aosta Valley, Italy

The interior of fontina is pale cream in colour and riddled with holes known as "eyes". With a fat content of 45%, the cheese is very rich and creamy which gets nuttier with aging. This versatile cheese can be used to make fondues, and similar Italian dishes. Nebbiolo, a red wine with wild cherry and truffles is a match for Fontina.

RECIPE: Garlicky Orecchiette with Swiss Chard and Fontina

Omnivore Upgrade:

Mary's Organic Chicken Drumsticks, + FONTINA VAL D' ASOTA From Aosta Valley, Italy

RECIPE: Drumsticks with Peaches and Honey

Omnivore Plus Upgrade:

Mary's Organic Chicken Thighs + FONTINA VAL D' ASOTA From Aosta Valley, Italy

RECIPE: Gai lan with Tangerine Glazed Chicken

Paleo Upgrade:

Mary's Organic Chicken Whole Chicken + Fresh Local Eggs From CLIFFORD FAMILY FARMS, Provo, UT

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