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“We loved the kiwis last week!!! (and the celery root & baby broccoli, too.) All the cheeses have been delicious, and we enjoy the farm-fresh eggs. Other favorites from past weeks have been the organic butternut squash, the baby bok choy, all the citrus, the rapini, all the varieties of tasty potatoes, and the INCREDIBLE Meyer lemons. Thanks for all the culinary treats!” -R.L., Salt Lake City

“I’m LOVING it so much I did not renew my CSA share this summer - please keep it coming!!” -T.L., Park City

“Thank you for this wonderful treat each week. I love to cook again!” -K.F., Salt Lake City

“LOVED seeing the storage tips, thanks so much! Just thought I’d pass along that we made the sunchoke home fries recipe last week, and liked it so much, we served it to guests last night and they loved it too. BIG HIT.” B.W., Park City

“I just want to tell you guys how much I love this winter CSA. I’m very new to the cooking with quality ingredients scene, and was actually very intimidated by the bulletins I read before signing on. But it’s been a truly awesome experience, I’ve been able to connect to food in a way I never did before and it’s been so fun to share it with friends and family, too. The recipes and descriptions about each of the items are really wonderful, the whole program is so well-intentioned and executed. I don’t know if a novice foodie like me is who you were aiming for, but you really hit the mark, thank you!” - L.G., Salt Lake City

“I can not tell you how much I am enjoying your CSA. The produce is fabulous! Thank you!” - M.B., Park City

“...we love the share and REALLY appreciate your good custormer service! On Thursdays when we pick up our share, your staff is ready, efficient, and friendly.” - K.K., Salt Lake City

“. . . very excited to be back in town and receiving veggies again! Even one week off was a bummer - we had to check online to see what goodies we were missing last week (purple carrots!). I wanted to take a moment to say what a lovely, exciting idea this CSA of yours is! When we found out about the LHF CSA in late Dec and read about it on your website, it just made so much sense, and seemed like a wonderful opportunity to put our money where our mouths (tummies?) are. We love supporting organic/sustainable farms, love getting fresh veggies in the winter, and love the variety! Even in the last few weeks we’ve been thrilled to be gently pushed out of our typical veggie zone into some new territory. We VERY much enjoy your letters, descriptions of each vegetable (great to know what variety, and what farm - I don’t know as I’d be able to ID a certain type of sunchoke vs another type, so great to have this info), and the recipies - we’ve already tried quite a few of your suggestions, and found them to be extremely tasty. Our library of Moosewood cookbooks is helping a lot, too! In any case, just wanted to report in that we’re very happy veggie eaters, and happier still thanks to your efforts and the LHF CSA!! - A.C., Salt Lake City

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