Poco Dolce Chocolate

When we say that this is gold medal chocolate, that’s not just an expression. Poco Dolce’s Sesame Toffee Tiles won the Gold sofi™ for Outstanding Chocolate from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade! This sofi™ award (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) was given in June of 2010 in New York and - we’re here to tell you - it’s well deserved.

Poco Dolce’s chocolate tiles are a must-taste. Once you’ve tasted one, they’ll become a must-eat. The chocolate artisans who craft these tiles really know how to combine flavors in innovative ways with delicious results. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to chocolate and sea salt, give a Poco Dolce tile a try and you’ll discover the answer in one bite. Their tiles achieve a perfect balance of flavors, each one complementing and enhancing the others.

Their toasted, crispy Sesame Seed Toffee with Bittersweet Chocolate is another huge success for this small producer who’s doing everything right.

How does Poco Dolce produce such exquisite flavor? By hand, of course. The chocolate is hand-poured into sheet pans, hand scored, and then broken by hand. And in case you’re wondering about the scale . . . they craft 16 pieces at a time.

Poco Dolce is made exactly the way it’s intended to be eaten - tile by tile. Whatever your expectations, you won’t be disappointed by this tile. Want to pair it with something? We recommend a nice red or rose.