Les Moulins Mahjoub

One vibrant, sunny morning, a few weeks ago, I sat on the Liberty Heights Fresh patio with my dear friends of over 10 years, Majid Mahjoub and his charming wife Onsa, to talk Tunisian politics and the Arab Spring, the region's unique culinary history, and the state of modern food.

Part-time philosopher and full-time food lover, Majid and family run an all organic, 250-year-old farm that supports the entire local village of 200 families. Each delectable, handcrafted item is grown, cooked, and packaged on-site, respecting and honoring the 3,000 year traditions of Tunisia and its Berber past.

Tunisian cuisine melds the sensibilities of the Mediterranean with the arid terroir and nomadic peasant history of northern Africa. Harissa, the warm, smoky spread and flavor enhancer is their meat alternative. With a deeply satisfying and mouth-filling punch of flavor with just a pinch, Mahjoub's Harissa is made from all organically grown ingredients using farming methods passed down through the generations. Blended from sundried ground peppers, garlic, cardamom, coriander and extra virgin olive oil, Harissa coaxes the best, most authentic flavors out of every dish. Use Harissa to add vibrancy and pop to any lackluster stock, soup or dip. Mix it with aioli, or add it for a burst of flavor to eggs, lamb or chicken.