All Natural Grass-Fed Utah Beef from Canyon Meadows Ranch

Canyon Meadows Ranch, a three generation family-run ranch 140 miles east of Salt Lake City in Altamont, UT, offers the finest all-natural grass-fed beef around. Liberty Heights Fresh proudly offers Canyon Meadows Ranch ground beef to make the perfect hamburger, delicious skirt steak, and dry aged ribeyes, plus other tasty options!

The Myrin family raises Red Angus cattle who graze in open pastures and green meadows. They practice sustainable land stewardship and their ranch is home to a large variety of wildlife including mule deer, beaver, elk, turkey and migratory birds.

Canyon Meadows Ranch produces only "Verified Natural Grass Fed" beef that meets the rigorous USDA's "NeverEver3" rules - never fed antibiotics, added hormones, or any animal-by-products.