History of Liberty Heights Fresh

From a Gas Station to "Gastronomic Station"

The best things always come in small packages, and our little food-topia is no different. The building started life as a gas station in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until 1993 that things evolved in an edible direction.

That was the year Steven Rosenberg opened up Liberty Heights Fresh. As CEO – that’s Chief Eating Officer – he and his food-obsessed team oversee the store’s selection of mouthwatering specialty, traditional, authentic, organic and full-flavored foods from around the world.

Steven regularly travels the world over to bring you the most delicious food imaginable. Richly flavored charcuterie, extra virgin olive oils, farmstead cheeses, and fresh organically grown produce are just a few of the delicacies you’ll discover at Liberty Heights Fresh. You’ll also discover just how much fabulous food is grown and produced right here in our own backyard. We bring you the best in seasonal produce and a whole lot more from Utah farmers, ranchers, and food makers.

From Food Enthusiast to Food Evangelist...

Steven has received many accolades for his work at Liberty Heights Fresh, but the one of which he is most proud is having been named Salt Lake City’s “Food Evangelist,” by Salt Lake Magazine. For Steven, that title says it all since his mission in life is to spread the word about how spiritually fulfilling good food can be. He truly believes that what we put in our mouths makes a difference for our bodies, our souls, and our planet. It’s no wonder, then, that he insists on selling only the most delicious, authentic food in the world.

From the Farm to the Table...

Steven got to Liberty Heights Fresh the same way the food gets there. He started out on a family farm and found his way into the world of full-flavored food. Steven was the fourth generation to work his family’s farmland – land that is still in the family and still being farmed today. The family orchards where Steven learned the value of sustainable agriculture are still producing fruit. And the dishes served at that farmhouse table still set the standard for food that’s worth eating. Food at Liberty Heights Fresh is still made the old-fashioned way using ingredients that even Steven’s great-grandmother would recognize – and love!

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