Our Approach to Food

Since our beginnings in 1993, our founding principle has been to provide the people of Salt Lake and Utah with authentic fully-flavored food that makes them smile, made with ingredients their great-grandparents would recognize.

Seeking out the Best... Wherever it Takes Us...

We go to great lengths – traveling half-way around the world - to seek out the best food the world has to offer. Liberty Heights staff have trekked through muddy pastures in France, rambled among the grazing farm animals in Spain, and sampled from the best home spun kitchens in Chile to insure the integrity, passion, and safety of each and every one our products. We know our food purveyors personally, as friends and partners, who care deeply about their products and the healthy pleasure of eating.

We only sell food that meets our strict standards – authentic hand crafted cuisine that honors generational traditions, never takes shortcuts, where unflinching commitment to quality and methods of production is paramount, and that most importantly, every single bite is delicious!

Liberty Heights Fresh takes it all seriously so that you don't have to; as a customer you can trust that all you eat will make you feel good long after you have finished your meal.

Eating Real Food is an Investment in Health

Authentic, full-flavored food is an investment in both physical health and emotional well-being. This investment provides dividends that will last a lifetime.

The (not so) Fine Print:

  • The food we offer is authentic and full of natural flavors - because there are never, ever, substitutes for "real" food ingredients.
  • We support food producers that embrace organic farming practices, responsible animal husbandry, and reputable third party certification whenever possible.
  • We define "local" as food that is grown, raised, harvested or produced (with ingredients that are also locally produced) close enough so that it can easily travel from source to our shop between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner.
  • "Regional" food, as above, can travel by truck from producer to our shop between dinner and breakfast.

The very best food is always very simple food - made with a few, high-quality ingredients, from the best purveyors, and crafted with love.

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