Whole Goose

Goose: 8-10 lb., 10-12 lb., or 12-14 lb.


Whole Goose

Goose: 8-10 lb., 10-12 lb., or 12-14 lb.


This White Embden goose was humanely raised in a free-range environment, never given antibiotics or hormones, and were never caged but raised in open barns with outdoor access. Goose is often compared to duck, with similar lean, dark, and flavorful meat – and plenty of rendered fat to use on potatoes. In fact, it’s all dark meat, and quite rich, so it can satisfy the appetite with smaller portions than chicken or turkey, which leaves more room for a wide variety of side dishes. Order yours for this holiday season!


Each whole goose is 8-10lbs and costs $28.99/lb. The goose is frozen but may be thawed before pick up.

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Weight range (pounds)

8-10, 10-12, 12-14

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