Japanese Wagyu Beef Boneless Striploin, A5 Grade (DEPOSIT)

$153.99 / lb. Customer pays a $2,300 deposit which will be refunded upon pick up and customer will pay for the exact weight of the item. Average 11 - 19 lbs



striploin 1A5 Wagyu beef striploin from Japan. Top-scoring, imported Japanese Wagyu beef, the highest possible ranking, antibiotic- and hormone-free. From Kuroge cattle, this A5 Wagyu is raised by Japanese beef masters who follow traditional methods to produce beef that is recognized around the world for its marbling, velvety texture and sweet flavor. Only a small percentage of all the Wagyu produced in Japan scores this high, and we import a limited amount for our chefs and home cooks.


  • Authentic, native-breed Japanese Kuroge cattle
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Graded by third-party auditor using BMS scoring system
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