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Sustainably Farmed Food (SFF) Policy Letter & Member Agreement

We ask all subscribers to carefully read through the following guidelines of our Sustainably Farmed Food (SFF) program in order to create a clear understanding of the program, its benefits, and its limitations. By subscribing to our SFF program, you agree to these terms.

We at Liberty Heights Fresh created SFF as a way for our customers to gain exclusive access to fresh, organically grown produce, artisan cheeses, ethically raised meats, and more Good Food all year round through the relationships we have with thoroughly vetted producers.

This program is not intended to be a meal subscription service. It is modeled after a traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Your weekly bag isn’t likely to create multiple whole meals for you, but it will provide produce for several meal sides or one large, cohesive meal. There will be a seasonally rotating mix of vegetables, fruits, and herbs included in the produce shares to provide you with a delicious mix of both familiar and lesser-known foods to try!

When you subscribe to SFF, you are subscribing to fresh, healthy, ethical food. We work exclusively with producers who believe in the same values we do: creating minimal environmental impact, paying livable wages, and producing Good Food! We’ve invested years of work  to source organically grown, ethically raised heritage foods from the best sources. We include information on our weekly items and producers in the weekly blog and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. You can also reach out to the SFF administrator with any questions, comments, or concerns by emailing SFF@libertyheightsfresh.com.

Subscription Options

We offer both Shares and Add-ons for subscribers. A Share is a selection of produce, meat, cheese, or eggs (depending on the share type) that can be cooked and prepared as part of or as a whole meal. Add-ons are items that serve as snacks or supplements to weekly meals such as eggs, juice, chocolate, or even flower bouquets. As of March 24, 2022, our program contains the following offerings:

  • Half and Full Vegan Share (organic produce only)
  • Half and Full Vegetarian Share (organic produce + cheese)
  • Half and Full Omnivore Share (organic produce + cheese + everyday meat cuts)
  • Half and Full Omnivore Plus Share (organic produce + cheese + specialty meat cuts)
  • Half and Full Paleo Share (organic produce + farm eggs + premium meat cuts)
  • One size Meat Only Share (premium meat cuts)
  • Cheese Upgrade Add-on
  • Gourmet Chocolate Add-on
  • Organic Seasonal Fruit Add-on
  • Fresh Farm Eggs Add-on
  • Organic Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Add-on
  • Single-farm Flower Bouquet Add-on
  • Specialty Grocery Add-on

Read more about our Share and Add-on options on our website.

Interested in subscribing to just an Add-on without subscribing to a Share? Email sff@libertyheightsfresh.com to get set up.

What if my share includes something I don’t eat?

While we provide options for many different dietary preferences, we, unfortunately, do not have the capacity to account for all personal practices, beliefs, allergies, or diets and cannot offer substitutions for any reason. Please review our subscription options to find a share that is right for you. If you have any questions or need help determining the best share for your lifestyle, please reach out to the SFF Administrator at SFF@libertyheightsfresh.com. If you sign up for a share and you receive something that you don’t want to or can’t eat, we recommend gifting the share to a friend.

We believe in traditional, slow, old-world cheesemaking. These practices may use a variety of animal products to coagulate, age, preserve, and/or protect cheese. If you’re curious about the animal products used in traditional cheesemaking, we encourage you to do online research and/or discuss with a cheesemonger in our store!Blue cheese is often made from mold spores cultured on bread. Because of this, it may not be gluten free. If this is a concern to you, we suggest selecting a subscription that does not include cheese.

Our shares with meat rotate through a variety of animal products.  If you follow a diet that excludes meat from some animals, we suggest you choose our vegan or vegetarian shares and shop for the meat you eat in-store. 

Likewise, we cannot guarantee specific allergen-free chocolate or exchange a vegetable you don’t eat. If there is something in your bag that you aren’t interested in, please give it to a friend or family member or try a new recipe! (Don’t like beets but received them in your share? Try a beet chocolate cake recipe!)

Participation in this program is voluntary. If you find that the program doesn’t meet your needs, you are more than welcome to shop in-store and hand select your items to meet your dietary requirements.

What about allergies?

If you are allergic to an item, we recommend you give it to a family member, friend, or neighbor. If you do not want to do that, you can ask the cheesemonger to remove the item from your bag. As bags are packed in as little packaging as possible, there may be cross contact. If cross contact is a concern, SFF may not be right for you.

Our SFF bags are packed in a kitchen that uses many major allergens. We keep a clean and sanitized space, but SFF may not be a good fit for people with severe allergies.

Picking up your subscription

On your active weeks, you can pick up your share Thursday-Sunday during our regular store hours. To do so, please visit our cheese counter in the Northwest corner of the store. Due to our store layout, other guests’ needs, and labor, you will need to wait in line if there is a queue and the cheesemonger will help you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and understanding!

Please double-check your bag to ensure you have everything before you leave. Remember, these bags are usually quite heavy- please hold from the bottom and ask for assistance getting your share to the car if you need it. We encourage our subscribers to bring reusable tote bags to help carry their shares. We offer quality, organic cotton Liberty Heights Fresh tote bags for sale at the cash register as well.

For those that receive eggs in their share, we encourage that clean, undamaged cardboard egg cartons are returned to our cheese counter so that our local chicken ranchers may re-use them.

Please wash all produce items before eating! As we source all of our produce organically, we occasionally may find extra dirt or insects on our produce.

About our platform

We use Farmigo to manage our SFF program. Through Farmigo, you have the ability to make changes to your account 24/7.  To log in, click here. If you have issues with your account, you can contact the SFF administrator by phone or email Monday-Friday, 9-5.

Managing your subscription

Any changes must be made on your Farmigo dashboard by 11:59 PM on the Thursday before our pickup window. The pick up window as of March 24, 2022 is from Thursday morning to Sunday evening. This includes new sign-ups, vacation holds, and permanent holds. Any changes made after the cut-off time will be applied to the following week. If you miss the cut-off for changes and cannot pick up your bag,  you may send in a friend to pick up the share or it will be donated. Your account will still be charged. Refunds are not permitted after the subscription change window has closed.

Through your Farmigo dashboard, you can change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time, even if you have prepaid. We do not charge any fees for this, but any remaining balance in your Farmigo account at the time of pausing your subscription must be used. It does not expire, so you can come back to place another share order at any time. For billing purposes, holds must be placed Friday through Thursday.

Example: If you don’t want to pick up on the weekend of Thursday, November 4th, 2021, your hold should be placed from Friday, October 29th through Thursday, November 4th.

If you cannot update your account for any reason, you must email sff@libertyheightsfresh.com by the subscription deadline to make a change. The SFF administrator is happy to help with account changes, but any account change requests received after the deadline will be applied to the following week. 

Payment Information

You can pay for your SFF subscription with a credit card, debit card, or SNAP/EBT. SNAP/EBT subscriptions must be paid in person, before Sunday at close for the upcoming week. To make a payment, talk to a cashier at the register. SFF accounts that are paid for by SNAP/EBT are subject to the same subscription deadline as credit/debit accounts.

We offer three types of subscription: week-to-week*, 6-week subscription , or 13-week subscription . With a week-to-week subscription , you pay for your share each week for as few or as many weeks as you like. When you sign up for a 6-week subscription , you will receive a 5% discount. When you sign up for a 13-week subscription , you will receive a 13% discount.

*Please note, the Farmigo website states the minimum commitment is a 6 week subscription. This is incorrect- you may still sign up for a one week subscription. If you have issues, contact SFF@libertyheightsfresh.com. 

By signing up for a subscription, you agree to automatically re-subscribe and have payments withdrawn according to your subscription schedule (every week, every 6 weeks, or every 13 weeks). All SFF accounts are auto-pay unless paid for with SNAP/EBT. To halt payments, ensure your account is put on hold before the Thursday 11:59pm cut-off time. 

When you subscribe, Farmigo will charge your account for the entire time period you subscribed to (one week, 6 weeks, or 13 weeks). The total value is added to your Farmigo account balance. When your account balance falls below $5, your payment method will automatically be charged again to renew the subscription. Payments are automatically processed early in the morning (around 2 am) on Fridays. If a payment is declined or cannot be processed, you will receive an automatic email notification. If the payment method is not corrected before the cut-off time, your account will be placed on hold until you update your payment details in your Farmigo dashboard. In this event, the SFF administrator will reach out to you by the contact information listed on your account.

If your payment does not process and your account balance becomes negative, your account will be placed on hold and the SFF administrator will reach out to you by the contact information listed on your account. Your subscription will not be reactivated until you settle your negative balance. In the event you want to cancel your account but have a negative balance, you are still responsible for paying the balance.

Once your subscription is active, we cannot offer refunds. If you want to cancel your subscription and do not want to be charged again, you need to make the appropriate changes through your Farmigo dashboard before 11:59 PM on Thursday night.

For your protection, Farmigo encrypts your payment information. Because of this, the SFF administrator cannot view or verify your payment information. You can always update your payment information on your Farmigo dashboard.


On the first pickup of your new subscription, ask the cheesemonger for your new sign-up gift!

For new subscribers who subscribe to a 13-week subscription, you will receive a 13% discount. 6 week subscriptions receive a 6% discount.


When you sign up for SFF, you agree to receive and read our emails. We will only ever email you regarding your SFF subscription. Usually, this will be one email each week while your subscription is active, including information on the week’s items and producers. We never give or sell your information to anyone else. Our weekly emails contain important information about your share, the products included, and any upcoming changes that will affect subscribers. It is the subscribers responsibility to read these emails to stay up to date on any product, pricing, pick up days, or other related changes to the SFF program.

Please add sff@libertyheightsfresh.com to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

Holidays and Scheduling

Our SFF program runs 52 weeks a year. We never pause for seasonal changes, holidays, or inclement weather.  The only planned disruption is during the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, when the pickup window is adjusted to accommodate foot traffic in our small store. To best accommodate your holiday plans and to account for changes in holiday delivery schedules, we may change the pickup window on holiday weeks. To scheduled disruptions will be posted on the SFF shares page accessible through the main site navigation

Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Compliments?

Please reach out to our SFF Administrator at SFF@libertyheightsfresh.com. We hope you love your Sustainably Farmed Food subscription! 

Return Policy

We do not accept returns on opened items or food items that have left the store. Items that would like to be returned before leaving the store may be returned and refunded but with a restocking fee. Restocking fees vary per item.

Privacy Policy

Available here.

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