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Liberty Heights Fresh is Salt Lake City’s original good food grocer, operating in the heart of the Liberty Wells neighorhood since 1993. We always go the extra mile to assure that every item on our shelves is produced with authentic ingredients and full flavor by people who care deeply about what you eat. So you can trust that what you take home from our shelves was crafted with integrity and will taste delicious.

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When you walk into Liberty Heights Fresh, you immediately feel the sensation of slowing down.

Our mission is to provide our neighbors and community with good food. That means food that was good for the land it was grown on, good for the hands that harvested it, and good for the people who consume it (ideally around a table with friends and with those you love). We are committed to organically grown produce, ethically-raised meat, eggs, and dairy, and simply crafted foods. When you visit our store, take your time, smell the strawberries, and allow us to share with you our love for food.

In 1993, founder Steven Rosenberg converted this 20th century gas station into a 21st century “gastronomic station”.

We started with locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers; Liberty Heights Fresh has grown to provide our Salt Lake community with a wide array of quality products that you can’t find anywhere else in Utah. Our shop now offers an abundance of quality and largely organic foods including specialties like ethically sourced chocolate bars, sweet organic strawberries, locally roasted and Direct Trade coffee beans, caviars, grass-fed steaks, imported condiments, and specialty cakes and gifts for the holiday seasons.

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If you’re tired of worrying about what to eat, we make choosing what to eat fun and stress-free!

Our In-house kitchen carefully prepares fresh soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, cookies, brownies, and more each day made with organic ingredients. We believe in the power of food to not just fill bellies, but to create memories, and we love sharing good food memories with our community every day!

We opened a Coffee Cart!

It’s been our dream for a long time to bring our customers great tasting, authentically European espresso. On August 1, 2023, we realized this and launched a full espresso bar on our front patio. Join us for your morning ritual and read more about what makes our coffee cart especially unique!

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