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About Liberty Heights Fresh

Liberty Heights Fresh was founded in 1993 and has expanded since to provide only the finest organically grown produce, meats, cheeses, breads, dairy products, condiments, oils, vinegars, and more to residents and visitors of Salt Lake City. Liberty Heights Fresh offers the best, authentic, real food crafted right here in our Salt Lake community, around the country and from around the globe. No unpronounceable, unrecognizable mystery imitation ingredients allowed, simply good food made with wholesome, traditional products that your grandparents would easily recognize. Our kitchen prepares, cooks, bakes, and slices soups, sweets, and sandwiches daily using the authentic ingredients. We are also committed to sustainability, directing any food scraps to the Salt Lake City anaerobic digester and leftover food to local nursing homes and homeless shelters. We are a small but mighty team, committed to serving only the best food to our Salt Lake City community, and we’d love for you to join our family!

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