We Opened a Coffee Cart!

Liberty Heights Fresh is excited to announce the opening of a one-of-kind espresso bar! Like all of the food that we sell, the ingredients in our coffee drinks have been thoroughly vetted for quality and taste. Our coffees are guaranteed to be the best way to start your day, or get a second wind! Inspired by European coffee culture, our coffee cart and espresso bar features a select menu of espresso drinks with light snacks made in-house using only the best and most flavorful ingredients.

When we decided to open this espresso bar, we wanted to provide absolute transparency in the quality of our ingredients. No unlabeled milk jugs, commodity market coffee beans, or styrofoam cups will be found at our espresso bar. As with all food that we sell, you can trust that you are getting truly the best tasting experience that is good for you, the producers, and our planet. 

Drinking a coffee with us is like having a coffee at home: curated beans, fresh, quality milk, and a comfortable place to savor and enjoy your morning ritual.

Coffee bar

About our Ingredients

Coffee Beans

We source our coffee beans from the Salt Lake City team Idle Hands Roasting Company. They have over 30 collective years of experience in the roasting business and source beans directly from farmers with the goal of “leaving coffee better than [they] found it”. They have built relationships with producers, growers and farmers, mill operators, co-ops and local exporters in coffee growing countries so they can roast the best coffee beans in the business.

idle hands


Our milk drinks feature the same organic milk we sell on the shelf: gently pasteurized, non-homogenized, cream-top Straus Creamery whole milk. Straus milk is never ultra-pasteurized, but instead treated with a high temperature short time (HTST) pasteurization method which destroys harmful bacteria while still preserving the authentic flavor of the milk. For non-dairy alternatives, we carry Elmhurst brand nut milks. Elmhurst is the only brand on the market that does not add seed oils to their non-dairy milks. We love selling these products on our shelves and are proud to include them in our coffee service. 



We look forward to expanding our menu to include teas, syrups, juices, and more, but for now the only flavored option we offer is a Valrhona Mocha. This is a mocha you will never forget! Valrhona has served the international culinary community for nearly a century by providing the highest quality bean-to-bar chocolate products. Our Mocha mix utilizes Valrhona cocoa powder and chocolate chips to create a rich, decadent, and smooth Mocha. For those who want a sweeter drink, we have organic cane sugar available for self-service. 

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Breakfast Bites

Each morning we’ll have a small selection of fresh-baked sweet and savory breakfast foods made in house or sourced from a trusted local baker. You can again trust that our ingredients are clean and a delicious way to start your morning! Thursday through Saturday we will feature bagels from local baker Baby’s Bagels with sides of organic whipped cream cheese.

Coffee bagel
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