Organically Grown

Our produce section is our pride and joy. Whatever’s fresh on the produce racks boldly proclaims the season. We’ve supported local, sustainable, and organic producers since day one. And, as with everything else we sell, it’s not just about the pedigree – it has to be delicious.

From succulent summer pickings to the freshest most fragrant herbs, we’ll always bring you the best of the season for every season.

A Sampling of Our Growers

Our roots are on the farm, and so, we have a deep and passionate connection with growers near and far. In fact, when we opened for business in 1993 fresh fruits and vegetables were all that we offered for sale; and having grown up on a fruit farm in Southwest Michigan, our understanding of orchard life is beyond that of any other food merchant in our community.

With that understanding of our climate and grower community, we have committed to sourcing fresh produce from local and regional growers who share our values for full-flavored fresh and organic growing practices whenever possible. It is with this commitment that we seek and nurture long term relationships with our farmers so that you may always taste the difference.

Growers like Rey Allred, John Garofolo, Pete Rasmussen, George Cunningham, Robert McMullin, Carlos Chavez, Ken Olson and Dale Coke make every day eating something so much more enjoyable, healthy and delicious. Sharing their bountiful harvest with our guests is something that we are especially proud of and will strive to keep you updated on this page as seasons change and harvests come and go.

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Gift Baskets & Platters

Please call the store (801-583-7374) during business hours to order gift baskets and platters for all kinds of parties.