Fresh, organically grown produce that changes with the seasons, just like nature intended.


Liberty Heights Fresh is Salt Lake City's original good food grocer! We go the extra mile to assure that the products on our shelves are always made according to tradition, ingredient integrity, and fully flavored.


What's Fresh at Liberty Heights Fresh!

We're well known for having some of the best sourced olive oils in the city,

Now Stocking: (Updated 11/2/2023)


Black Sphinx Dates

Quince (Locally Grown)

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms (Local)


Andante Creamery various cheeses

Anabasque, Landmark Creamery

Apricity, Alemar Cheese Co.


Straus Family Creamery Organic Egg Nog 

Salted and Unsalted Butter, Frentel

Milk Honey Yogurt (Local!)


Ricciarelli Almond Cookies


Prepared Foods 

Seared Duck with Lentil Stew

BBQ Chicken Wings with Housemade Ranch


Magret Duck Breast, D’Artagnan

Rohan Petit Duck Breast, D’Artagnan

Pistachio Mortadella

There are no substitutes for authentic ingredients!

We care deeply about what you eat. We believe that relationships with the people who produce the good food that we proffer provide all of us we a deeper connection to the land, place and people.


We search near and far to find you the best ingredients.

It’s hard to know what’s really “good” at the grocery store. At Liberty Heights Fresh, we take product sourcing seriously so you can trust that everything you bring home from our shelves will fill your heart and belly with goodness, making you smile inside and out.

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What's in the Bag

Eating fresh has never been so easy!

Join our Sustainably Farmed Food (SFF) program, a CSA-style food share subscription, to get a bag filled with organically grown and ethically raised food items every week.

Vegan | Omnivore | Dairy | Paleo | Custom

We Opened A coffee Cart

Liberty Heights Fresh is excited to announce the opening of a one-of-kind espresso bar!

Like all of the food that we sell, the ingredients in our coffee drinks have been thoroughly vetted for quality and taste.

Boxed Lunches & Platters

Store Hours

Monday–Friday 8am–8pm

Saturday–Sunday 8am–7pm

Coffee Cart Hours

Monday–Friday 8am–1pm

Saturday–Sunday 8am–2pm


Liberty Heights Fresh
1290 South 1100 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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Learn about our Unique history

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