Citrus Season

These fragrant, universally adored fruits have been cultivated by humans for so long that we can’t be sure where exactly it first started. What we do know is that they are native to subtropical and tropical regions throughout South and East Asia, spreading along trade routes to the rest of the world. The four ancestral species that all modern citrus originate from are orange, mandarin, pomello, and citron.

Here at Liberty Heights Fresh we recently got in an abundant shipment of exciting citrus varieties including TDE and Page Mandarins, Lemonquats, Kumquats, Navel Oranges, and Blood Oranges.

Variety Highlights

TDE Mandarin – This veritable triple-threat variety combines the best of its lineage from Temple, Dancy, and Encore Mandarins to create the perfect snacking citrus. TDE is seedless, easy-to-peel, sweet, and flavorful. Seasonally available from late winter to early spring, this cultivar was created at University of California Riverside’s Citrus Breeding Program. The TDE also lends itself to smoothies, juices, and flavoring for cocktails and sparkling water. 


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Lemonquat – A chance hybrid variety probably the result of a cross between a kumquat and Meyer Lemon, this minute citrus has an edible rind and pleasing tartness that gets sweeter as spring arrives. Popular due to the plant’s petite stature, Lemonquats can be cultivated in large pots from home and are quite cold-hardy. While these can be eaten whole or sliced into salads for a burst of flavor, they can also be candied as a garnish for cocktails or snackable sweet treats.

All modern citrus originated from four ancestral varieties - orange, mandarin, pomello, and citron.

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Page Mandarin – Believed by some to be the best of all Mandarins, the Page is a cross between Minneola tangelo and Clementine Mandarin with a history stretching back to the 1940s. A long hang time, early ripening, and small to medium size are Page’s biggest selling points for growers. The divine flavor is the result of a complex cross-breeding process. The Page is wonderful right out of hand or can be baked with chicken and fish, segmented over salads, or utilized for marmalades.

Come in and try these delights during their peak season!

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This Week’s SFF Spotlight: Flora​

This is the first new cheese Indiana-based Capriole Creamery has produced in twenty-five years, it is based on a French style Selles-sur-Cher style goat cheese. It is dusted in ash to balance the pH and support rind growth. Named for the owner’s grandmother, Flora has a dense clay-like texture and develops an oozy layer right beneath the rind as it ages. Flavors are bright, tangy, and briny with a mineral finish. Mushroom notes will appear over time.
Pair this pint sized cheese with fresh blueberries or lemon forward preserves. If you’re feeling creative, serve with crispy sunchokes, a little salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

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