Fresh Osetra Caviar

1oz units of caviar are the perfect element for your holiday appetizer


Fresh Osetra Caviar

1oz units of caviar are the perfect element for your holiday appetizer


We are incredibly proud to carry a line of exquisite-quality, sustainably produced offerings from Regalis. Their partners bring decades of fishing and production experience to their Netherlands-based sturgeon farm, fusing efficient, ethical, and modern sensibilities with refined palates. Under the guidance of veritable masters of the caviar trade whose families have sustained the highest quality practices in Russian and Caspian caviar for generations, all of their caviars are made without the use of borax, pasteurization methods, coloring agents, or any other unscrupulous techniques. Their diligence not only yields luxuriously delicious offerings, but guarantees 100% traceability from fish to jar, and introduces unparalleled consistency throughout the year.

This year Liberty Heights Fresh offers three varieties of Osetra Caviar: Two-Tone, Gold, and Platinum, all in 1oz containers.


Caviar payments are due in full upon order. We receive our caviar orders on Fridays. Please place your order by Wednesday at 11:59pm to ensure your caviar is ready for pickup on Friday. These products can not be shipped or delivered.

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Two-tone, Gold, Platinum

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