French Breakfast Radishes, Mahón Anejo, L’Amuse Gouda, Chocolat Moderne Hazelnut Gianduja, & Truffle Hot Sauce

Sustainably Farmed Food Shares for the week of
November 2, 2023



Vegan Share

Russet Potatoes* • Cauliflower* • Quince* • Zucchini Squash* • Brussels Sprouts* • French Breakfast Radishes* • Redbor Kale*

Vegetarian Share

Vegan Produce* • Mahon Anejo

Omnivore Share

Vegan Produce* • Canyon Meadow’s Ranchera** • Mahon Anejo

Omnivore Share Plus

Vegan Produce* • Christensen’s Pork Tenderloin** •  Tomme Dolce

Paleo Share

Vegan Produce* • Christensen’s Pork Spare Ribs** • BK Family Farms Eggs**

Meat Only Share

Christiansen’s Lamb Chops**

Add-ons and Upgrades


Specialty Grocery Add-on

Truffle Hot Sauce by Truffle Hound

Cheese Upgrade


L’Amuse Signature Gouda

Fruit Add-On

Grapefruits* + Braeburn Apples*

Chocolate Add-on

 Hazelnut Gianduja with Dark Chocolate & Chilis by Chocolat Moderne

Eggs Add-on

BK Family Farms Eggs**

Juice Add-on

In-House, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice*

Item Highlights

French Breakfast Radishes

The French breakfast radish is one of the more than 100 radish varieties. French breakfast is the name of an heirloom cultivar of radish that was introduced in 1879 and became popular in Paris produce markets. It has a similar appearance to the familiar cherry belle radish but instead of a bulbous shape, it is elongated with edible leafy greens on top. Although named “French breakfast,” the French do not eat radishes as part of their first meal of the day. They do eat them as a snack, sometimes lightly buttered and then dipped in salt or sliced and served on a toasted, buttered baguette along with a sprinkling of salt.

French Breakfast radishes are a source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. The radishes also provide calcium, magnesium to support nerve functioning, and folate to develop healthy red blood cells. Beyond vitamins and minerals, the radishes contain glucosinolates, compounds that give the roots their distinctly peppery flavor.

Just like with ordinary red radishes, cooking brings out the sweetness in a French breakfast radish, and roasting and sautéeing are common methods of preparation. The French breakfast radish can also be pickled or braised. French Breakfast radishes are milder & sweeter than common red radishes but still retain some of the peppers, mustardy tasting notes.

Mahon Anejo

Mahón cheese originates from Menorca, the Balearic Island between the coast of Spain and the Italian Island of Sardinia. It was awarded in 1985 the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) which reflects the rich history surrounding the production of this cheese on the island. Archaeologists have found ceramic tools used for its production dating back to 3000 B.C! Made on the island with cow’s milk, curdled at low temperature, salted by immersion, and matured according to the customs of the island. Its production speaks to ancestral traditions, being one of the pillars on which part of the history, livestock, and culinary tradition of Menorca is based.

Mahon is perfect to enjoy thinly sliced and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil. Similar to a manchego, it can also be grated over pasta, rice, or vegetables. Mahón often pairs well with Spanish chorizo and beer, as well as sherry, dried fruit, and nuts. This aged Mahón also matches nicely with red wines like Spanish tempranillo and Rioja.

L’Amuse Gouda

Betty Koster founded Fromagerie l’Amuse in 1989 with her husband Martin. Their Amsterdam shop is a destination for cheese lovers, featuring rare, small-production Dutch gems like Wilde Weide and Terschelling. Betty’s deep, long-term connections with Dutch farmers, cheesemakers and affineurs has given her access to an unparalleled range of cheeses. She exports a handful to America exclusively through Essex St. Cheese.

This particular creation, L’Amuse Signature Gouda, is one of the most recognizable artisan cheeses in the world. We can all only hope to be described as “delightfully nutty” in our advanced age, as is the case for L’Amuse Signature Gouda. Legendary Philadelphia Cheese shop, Di Bruno Bros, describes L’Amuse as “the reigning queen (of aged Gouda,) to which all others must bow”. This is because L’Amuse offers a firm but creamy texture with strong notes of hazelnuts, burnt caramel, and a salty crystalline crunch birthed from the careful aging process. L’Amuse is perfect to pair with roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and bold & fruity red wine.

Truffle Hot Sauce by Truffle Hound

Seed Ranch originally started selling sauce at the Boulder Farmer’s Market in 2017, they’ve been inspired by using high quality, fresh ingredients and home cooking to come up with new flavors. Seed Ranch has always been plant-based. Their products are made with plant-based cooking in mind, and even the name, Seed Ranch Flavor Co, came from the idea that the best food is grown from seeds.

Truffle Hound hot sauce, is the perfect combination of savory truffle flavor and spicy heat. Made with a blend of summer truffles, chile de arbol, ghost pepper and garlic, this sauce is slowly becoming a pantry staple among LHF employees. Perfect marinade for proteins, as an all-in-one wing sauce, or stirred into a pasta sauce.

Chocolat Moderne Hazelnut Gianduja with Dark Chocolate & Chilis

Founder and Chocolatier of Chocolat Moderne, Joan Coukos, started her professional career in banking in New York & Moscow. On a trip to Brussels in 2000, she fell under the spell of old world, hand made chocolates. She brought home two antique molds for old-world inspiration and began creating recipes back in her Manhattan kitchen. In 2003, she founded CHOCOLAT MODERNE® with a mission to create visually stunning, handcrafted confections filled with perfectly balanced, on-trend flavors that introduce new ingredients to chocolate-making.

This particular bar is molded using Valrhona Dulcey chocolate. The milk powder is toasted to create a warm, beautiful butterscotch color and rich taste. It’s then filled with dark chocolate hazelnut gianduja blended with sea salt, chipotle, ancho chili, and cinnamon creating an incredibly assertive and balanced treat!

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