Padron Peppers, Whitney, Brebirousse, & Hot Garlic

Sustainably Farmed Food Shares for the week of
August 10, 2023



Vegan Share

Bicolor Corn* • Green Beans* • Romaine Lettuce* • White Onions* • Padron Peppers* • Dill* • Valencia Oranges*

Vegetarian Share

Vegan Produce* • Whitney

Omnivore Share

Vegan Produce* • D’Artagnan Spanish Style Chorizo • Whitney

Omnivore Share Plus

Vegan Produce • Green Circle Chicken Thighs* •  Whitney

Paleo Share

Vegan Produce • Christensen’s Ground Lamb** • BK Family Farms Eggs**

Meat Only Share

D’artagnan Magret Duck Breast*

Add-ons and Upgrades


Specialty Grocery Add-on

Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic

Cheese Upgrade

Brebirousse d’Argental

Fruit Add-On

Seeded Watermelon*

Chocolate Add-on

Orinoco Tanzania 70% Dark Chocolate

Eggs Add-on

BK Family Farms Eggs**

Juice Add-on

In-House, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice*

Item Highlights

Padron Peppers

 Padron peppers are originally from Spain but are also grown in Mexico and the United States too. You can find Spanish peppers on menus in tapas restaurants and used in all sorts of fun pepper recipes all over Spain. These peppers can be a bit unpredictable. They are said to be mild, with one in ten peppers being spicy. Padron peppers are perfect to blister, grill, roast, or stuff!


Made by the prolific Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, whitney has a velvety-smooth, pliant texture with signature notes of toasted nuts, cured ham, and sweet cream. It pairs beautifully on a cheese board with cured meats, dried figs, and pickled shallots, served with a natural white wine. Modeled after classic melting cheeses, Whitney is an ideal cheese to use with a raclette machine; melt it atop a plate of roasted potatoes, garnished with cornichons and charcuterie.

Brebirousse d’Argental

Brebirousse d’Argental is a creamy cheese like brie and tastes little sweet and buttery, made from sheep’s milk. It is soft-ripened cheese with a bloomy rind and pleasant tangy taste. Its orange rind is formed due to annato sprinkled on cheese during maturation. Made in Lyon, France this cheese is super soft and can at times run freely.

Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic

Mama Teav’s was started when friends and family of Mama Teav begged for her hot garlic so much that she started jarring it up and giving it out. Ever since Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic has been taking stomachs by storm! A wholesome mixture of fire-roasted, sun-dried Cambodian chilis and organic California garlic all swimming in a beautiful oil. Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic is a family recipe of fiery heat, crispy garlic, and rich umami. Add it to your favorite dish for a touch of spicy, sweet, and savory flavor.

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