Rhubarb, Cumberland, Moliterno al Tartufo, & Demerara Sugar

Sustainably Farmed Food Shares for the week of
April 26, 2023



Vegan Share

Lemons* • Pink Lady Apples* • Yellow Straightneck Squash* • Rhubarb* • Strawberries* • Green Onions* • Collards*

Vegetarian Share

Vegan Produce* • Cumberland Tomme

Omnivore Share

Vegan Produce* • Canyon Meadow’s Beef Kabob Cuts** • Cumberland Tomme

Omnivore Share Plus

Vegan Produce • Canyon Meadows Hanger Steak** • Cumberland Tomme

Paleo Share

Vegan Produce • Canyon Meadows Tri-Tip** • BK Family Farms Eggs**

Meat Only Share

Canyon Meadows Tri-Tip**

Add-ons and Upgrades


Specialty Grocery Add-on

Demerara Sugar by India Tree

Cheese Upgrade

Moliterno al Tartufo by Andante

Fruit Add-On

2 Blackberry Pints**

Chocolate Add-on

9th & Larkin DR Zorzal 72% Dark Chocolate

Eggs Add-on

BK Family Farms Eggs**

Juice Add-on

In-House, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice*

Item Highlights


Rhubarb lovers are passionate in their dedication to this charmingly quirky vegetable-masquerading-as-a-fruit, whether it’s baked in pies and crumbles or made into sour, fizzy drinks. As for those who are indifferent to it, it’s possible you haven’t had your magical rhubarb moment yet. Many cooking methods suit rhubarb. You can add it raw to batters and fillings for baked desserts. You can simmer rhubarb with sugar and a little water to make a quick rhubarb sauce or poach it in wine. Rhubarb falls apart easily; for a different texture, toss it with sugar and roast it. Rhubarb has a savory side. Make a quick rhubarb sauce to serve with seafood or pork. To be especially bold, try pickling it for a crisp, refreshingly unusual treat.

Cumberland Tomme

Tomme-style wheels are considered simple table cheeses, but beneath Cumberland Tomme’s rustic exterior lies a compellingly complex flavor. Three months of aging creates the mottled rind, encasing a semi-firm, sunny yellow paste. A slight funk gives way to the wheel’s buttermilk tang and sweet grassiness.

Moliterno al Tartufo

Moliterno al Tartufo is a truffle cheese unlike any other. After the sheep’s milk cheese develops a rich, buttery taste during its initial aging, a paste of black truffles is injected directly into the wheel yielding a ribbon of decadent flavor. Add a drizzle of honey before serving atop Firehook Sea Salt Crackers for a truly indulgent snack.

India Tree Demerara Sugar

India Tree Demerara Sugar from Mauritius is a large-grained, granulated cane sugar with a light amber color and mild molasses flavor. Crunchy and sweet, this unrefined brown sugar retains much of the flavor of the cane and makes an excellent table and topping sugar. Use on breakfast cereals, berries, and yogurt. Sprinkle it onto a foamy cappuccino or stir into any rich espresso drink as an elegant coffee sugar. Perfect for glazes, decorating cookies, or as a finishing sugar for pie crust or add texture to apple crisp and bread pudding. This sugar makes a perfect addition to the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie & Lemon Apple Rhubarb Crisp recipes linked below!


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