Sunchokes, Fruity Franzle, Flora, Amano Citrus 63%, Haskap Berry Jam

Sustainably Farmed Food Shares for the week of
November 9, 2023



Vegan Share

Delicata Squash* • Fennel* • Red Onions* • Sunchokes* • Granny Smith Apples* • Red Leaf Lettuce* • Cilantro*

Vegetarian Share

Vegan Produce* • Fruity Franzle

Omnivore Share

Vegan Produce* • Christensen’s Pork Chops** • Fruity Franzle

Omnivore Share Plus

Vegan Produce • Canyon Meadow’s Lamb Shanks** • Fruity Franzle

Paleo Share

Vegan Produce • Canyon Meadow’s Lamb Chops** • BK Family Farms Eggs**

Meat Only Share

Christensen’s Lamb Shoulder**

Add-ons and Upgrades


Specialty Grocery Add-on

Haskap Berry Jam by Regalis

Cheese Upgrade

Flora by Capriole

Fruit Add-On

Black Sphinx Dates*

Chocolate Add-on

Amano Citrus Mélange À Trois

Eggs Add-on

BK Family Farms Eggs**

Juice Add-on

In-House, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice*

Item Highlights


Sunchokes are a member of the sunflower family and are native to North America, sunchokes are sometimes known as Jerusalem artichokes despite having no apparent ties to Jerusalem nor artichokes. The name originates from early-world Italian explorers who thought they tasted similarly to artichokes and referred to them as girasole (“jeer-uh-SOLE-ay”) which means sunflower in Italian.
Sunchokes are known for their sweet and nutty taste with a crunchy texture. Sunchokes have similar tasting notes to chestnuts, hazelnuts, & jicama. Sunchokes are a great source of iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium; are super high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Inulin-rich Sunchokes contain no other type of carbohydrate, which is why some call it “the potato of diabetics.” Sunchokes can be used in place of potatoes in any recipe, though they have more moisture and no starch, so cooking times can differ. Perfect to be roasted, boiled, fried, or pureed. Sunchokes are also great raw in a crudité or creamy dips.

Fruchtiges Franzle

This pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is bright and fruit forward thanks to it’s rind being washed in a mix of apple cider and must during the aging process. Hailing from Bavarian Alps it’s an ode to the land it is produced on, as the apples are grown on the same farms the dairy cows graze.
To further support and showcase the local ecosphere, cows are only fed on pasture and hay from regional fields, retain their horns, and calves are not separated from their mothers.
Due to the unique practices of the eight local organic farms, Fruchtiges Franzle is naturally higher in omega 3’s and linoleic acid.
Pairs brilliantly with about any bubbly beverage which will refresh the palate after bites of the rich paste. If you want to follow in the spirit of this cheese’s hyper regional production, pour yourself a glass of Bavarian Beer alongside. You can drizzle slices with your favorite local honey or melt on top of an apple pie this holiday season.

Flora by Capriole Creamery

This is the first new cheese Indiana based Capriole Creamery has produced in twenty-five years, it is based on a French style Selles-sur-Cher style goat cheese. It is dusted in ash to balance the pH and support rind growth. Named for the owner’s grandmother, Flora has a dense clay-like texture and develops an oozy layer right beneath the rind as it ages. Flavors are bright, tangy, and briny with a mineral finish. Mushroom notes will appear over time.
Pair this pint sized cheese with fresh blueberries or lemon forward preserves. If you’re feeling creative, serve with crispy sunchokes, a little salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

Haskap Berry Jam by Regalis

Regalis is New York City’s leading exporter of exceptional, specialty grocery items and evasive food products. Regalis prides itself on being a respected luxury food purveyor focused on providing the best products and establishing deep relationships with producers from all over the world.
Haskap berries are the fruit of Japanese Blue Honeysuckle, a cold-hardy shrub found in boreal forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Bursting with raspberry sweetness, wild blueberry tartness, and mouth puckering tannins, Haskaps evoke familiar fruits while coming together with a unique, electric flavor profile all their own. Thes berries are extremely prized in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, where they are treasured equally for their luminous impact as an ingredient and for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Amano Citrus Mélange À Trois

Amano is located high in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain range in the heart of the Rockies, dedicated to creating some of the world’s most exquisite gourmet chocolate through traditional techniques. Amano only sources the world’s best beans and ingredients from Venezuela, Ecuador, & the Dominican Republic. They focus on carefully controlled, small batches, refusing to compromise on taste, texture, and care.
This particular bar is an LHF favorite with simple, classic flavors originating from Ecuador. The name “Citrus Mélange À Trois” comes from the utilization of yuzu, tangerine, & grapefruit creating an incredibly balanced bar. Amano describes it as a grown up version of childhood chocolate, an amazing treat for any evening or charcuterie board.

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