Black Sphinx Dates

The most delicious and unique dates you will ever taste! Packaged in 16 oz clamshells.


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The Black Sphinx Date

Sought out by many for the past century, this enigmatic little fruit has a great allure due to its rarity, mysterious origins, wonderful texture, and flavor. These dates are only grown in one area of Arizona, primarily the Arcadia neighborhood, since 1928.  Black Sphinx Dates are small mahogany brown dates that melt in your mouth like honey. They have very soft flesh and skin with an ornate creaminess, dense as ganache or nut butter. This texture does not allow them to be transported too far and they have a very short season to be picked. Due to changes in climate and height of these old palms, harvesting has become much more difficult and time-limited!

Salt Lake City’s only retail for Black Sphinx Dates

We are lucky to have a relationship with one of the main growers of Black Sphinx Dates who provides us with a small crop almost every year for the last two decades. Our owner, Steven, drove down to the Arcadia neighborhood himself to hand deliver these delicious treats to our store for you to enjoy! These are truly the most delicious dates you will ever taste.

Shipping available for a fee.

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